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EASTER TERM - WEEK 10 - Friday 20th March

Language Arts

In Drama this week, Mrs Bradley began by reviewing the importance of detail in creating non - fiction books.

As authors we are experts on our topic and our purpose is to teach readers different things about a subject. We need to include enough detail so that our readers can become experts. We were wondering what this had to do with drama?

In groups we created tableaux's. One of the group members was the expert and others were the learners. Our goal was to use detail to make it clear as to who was who and what was being taught. Ms Bradley brought the tableaux's to life by asking - What was each character feeling from their perspective in the tableaux with power and pace ? What was the expert thinking? What was the learner thinking? Experts often felt confident whereas learners were unsure and confused.

The learners are our audience when we write. To gauge if children had this understanding, Ms Bradley probed, "What is this drama experience teaching us about being authors of information books?" Joe Roberts summed up the discussion in his class by saying, "Our audience need to know what we mean, we need to look at the subject from the perspective of the reader." Our Grade 4 students are certainly growing in their virtue of thoughtfulness.

In our Writer's Workshops, the students have been busy linking their planning, research and writing knowledge and skills. To do this, they were required to elaborate on their planning notes by researching for additional information, using a range of resources including books, magazines and the internet.

To achieve the purpose of their text, they were taught how the information should be specific and relevant to each of the sub headings of their chosen topic. It needed to be informative and interesting of course.

The students were shown how to make their notes into sentences and into informative paragraphs that their target audience would appreciate and understand. It has been a really busy week of great learning.

Next week, the process continues with children revising for specific features, such as organisational and language as they publish. They are making their books look as good as they read!


Decimal delight continues and our students demonstrated excellence and confidence in their Maths lessons.

This week, we have been busy building on existing knowledge and understanding of decimals by rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, followed by rounding to the nearest 1 DP and 2 DP. Here are our rules for Rounding:

1) Underline the number in the place value you will round.

2) Circle the number to the right of the underlined number.

3) Round up or down accordingly (1-4 down, 5-9 up).

4) Any digit to the left of the underlined digit stays the same.

Next week, students will be further extending their work on decimals by learning how to add decimals of up to 2 DP using column addition and will apply this knowledge to solve 1-step word problems.

Unit of Work (IPC)

This week in our Being Human unit, we focused on bones and muscle. We learnt that there are bones designed to support us, bones designed to protect us, and bones designed to get us moving. The children also learned that muscles are the tough elastic tissue that pull our bones when we move. Together, our bones, muscles, and joints - along with tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, enable us to do everyday activities.

One of the practical activities involved every child building a moving model of a hand using string, straws, and cardboard. Another activity took place that supported the current home learning challenge of learning from memory a number of important human skeleton bones. In small groups, the children had to construct life-sized skeletons using only newspapers and tape as materials. Do drop by the classrooms to check out the children's work on display. After the Easter Holiday, the children will be learning how to look after their bodies and brains.

Home Learning for the Week Ahead - Easter Term Week 10

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home Learning - Language Arts


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.

Home Learning - Mathematics

Mon: 45, 46

Tues: 47,48

Weds: 49,50

Thurs: 50,51

Maths Builder: pgs 18-22

Home Learning - Unit of Work (IPC)

Human Skeleton Memory Challenge Due Friday March 27


Next week we start on the 'Soft G' spelling convention.

Words to be learnt;

gymnasium, giant, giraffe, general, stranger,

tragedy, hinge, pigeon, rage, nudge


Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have done something wrong, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. It is making amends instead of taking revenge. It is important to forgive yourself too. Everyone does hurtful things at one time or another. If someone is not forgiving, others feel worried around that person. Without forgiveness, we judge and criticize others instead of giving each other a chance to improve. Forgiveness is the best way to encourage ourselves and others to take responsibility for our actions, to try harder and to change for the better.

Forgiving yourself means to stop punishing yourself or feeling hopeless because of a mistake. Forgiveness is moving ahead, ready to act differently, with compassion for yourself and faith that you can change.
Some questions for your family to talk about:-

  • What do you find it most difficult to forgive?

  • What stops you from being forgiving?

  • What would help you replace those habits with true forgiveness?

  • What are 3 things you could do if you break a promise to someone in your family?

  • When a friend hurts you, what amends need to be made?

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