ESS Information

2022-2023 School Year

School Hours

Full Day-9:00-3:45

Early Dismissal-9:00-1:50

Delayed Opening-11:00-3:45 (2 hour delay), 12:00-3:45 (3 hour delay)


BOE policy requires that parents inform the school when a student will be absent. Please call 203-929-1330, extension 399 to leave a message or email Mrs. Quinlan (

Please give child's name, grade, homeroom teacher and reason for absence-please be specific.

A call will go out to the parents/guardians of any student who is marked absent without any prior notice. Students who are absent without any notification will be marked as "unexcused".

Students are expected to attend school each day school is in session for the entire day. Students arriving after 9:00 will be marked as tardy, unless on a bus. Being late to school is disruptive for all in the classroom-please have your child to school on time each day. Students have 9 excused absences allotted to them-after that all absences are considered unexcused unless accompanied by a doctor's note.

Students who miss school due to family vacations will not have any work sent with them ahead of time. All work will be made up upon return to school.

Inclement Weather

There may be days due to weather that school is unexpectedly dismissed early. Notifications will be sent via IC messenger email, phone calls, posted on the Shelton Public Schools website ( as well as communication through Social Media. Please be sure to have alternate transportation arrangements made.

Student Belongings

Students may not reenter the building after dismissal to pick up forgotten items. Student cell phones and smart watches must remain in backpacks in the off position. Be sure to label all student items including water bottles and lunch boxes.


Birthdays are a special day for students and will be recognized during morning announcements. Food items, balloons and goodie bags are not allowed in school. Celebrations of birthdays should not disrupt the school day or endanger any student with food allergies.

Birthday Books may be purchased in honor of student birthdays and will be added to the school library after the birthday kiddo has a chance to take it home! It is a great opportunity to honor their birthday and help ESS at the same time!

More information will be coming from Mrs. Bush regarding how to purchase these books.

Bus Information

Bus transportation is provided for all students. Bus Route information will be posted before the beginning of the school year on the district's website. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times on the bus. Failure to follow expectations may result in a bus report and possible bus suspension.

Students are expected to ride their assigned bus, unless a change is necessary for daycare purposes ONLY! Bus changes must be made ahead of time and in writing to the homeroom teacher as well as the main office ( No student will be permitted to change without written consent.

Changes to a student's dismissal plan will NOT be accepted after 2:45-no exceptions.

Morning Drop Off Procedures

Side entrance doors will open at 8:45 and remain open until 8:59. All cars must enter from Soundview Avenue and exit out Willoughby Road. No cars may enter the bus loop or enter from Willoughby Road during this time. Cars in the drop off line must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk and to the buses exiting the drop off loop.

If you need to get out of your car, you must park in one of the parking spots (please note that spots marked "reserved" are for staff) and come to the crosswalk. Exiting your car in the drop off line is not permitted. Dogs are not allowed out of cars on school property at any time.

For safety reasons, only students are allowed to enter the building during morning drop off. All students are expected to be in their seats by 9:00 or are considered tardy (if not arriving to school via bus). If the drop off doors are closed, please drive around to the front of the school. Students will ring the bell and will be admitted into the building-parents do not need to come to the door or into the building-we will take care of everything!

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures

Dismissal begins at 3:45. Adults picking up students will enter through Soundview Avenue and park near the 4th grade wing of the building. There is NO PARKING along the immediate edge of the baseball field. Dogs are not allowed out of cars on school property at any time.

If the student is leaving prior to 3:45, that change must be received in writing. Phone calls are permitted but must be followed up with an email to Mrs. Quinlan ( Changes in dismissal will not be accepted after 2:45. All pick ups must be completed by 3:30 at the office. Anyone arriving after 3:30 will pick up the student at 3:45 in the back of the building.

Any adult picking up a student MUST have a photo ID with them at all times and must be listed as a parent or guardian or emergency contact on Infinite Campus. Anyone not on IC will not be allowed to take the student home unless we have prior written consent.

Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the library doors, First and Second grade students through the doors near the kitchen and Third and Fourth grade students from the cafeteria. Doors are marked.

When exiting, all cars must leave out onto Willoughby Road. Please be mindful of pedestrians crossing and all cars must yield to buses turning.

School Clothes

Please ensure students are dressed appropriately for the weather. Most rooms in the school are not air conditioned so it can get quite warm in the beginning of the year. Students should wear closed toe shoes (flip flops and slides are not allowed). Students should dress for playing outside in all temperatures and weather conditions (with the exception of rain/snow) all year long. On days when students have PE, sneakers must be worn.

Cafeteria Services

Lunch and breakfast are available each day for all students.

A menu will be sent home electronically at the beginning of each month with food choices (subject to availability). Students may also bring lunch from home. We do not have room in the cafeteria for visitors to eat lunch with students.

We are a nut free school-any foods containing nut products may not be brought in. Only food served by the cafeteria or lunch boxes from home will be permitted. Please check all ingredients and treats, especially if you are sending your child in with a boxed lunch such as "Lunchable". Many times the candy in those items contain nuts.

We do not have a microwave for students to heat lunches and staff will not cut up food for students. Please be sure your child knows how to open their lunches, drinks and lunch boxes. Now is a great time to practice!

Safety Drills

Safety drills such as fire drills, lockdown drills, shelter in place and evacuations will take place at various times during the school year. At least one type of drill will be conducted monthly.

Medication Policy

Students are NOT allowed to carry medications. All medications administered in school must be brought to school by an adult. They must be packaged in the original pharmacy container with the name of the student, doctor name, medication name and dosage. Medication must be accompanied by a signed authorization from the physician and parent/guardian with the time to be taken, reason and duration. Over the counter medications must follow the same procedure.

Before/After School Care

Before and After School Care is available here at ESS and is run by the Boy's and Girl's Club. Please contact Jen DeLeon at 203-924-9329 to answer any questions and to register your child. All communication and payments are handled by the Boy's and Girl's Club, not ESS.

Incoming K Student Event

Incoming Kindergarten Student Playground Night

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 6-7pm

138 Willoughby Road

Shelton, CT

Calling all incoming Kindergarten Families-please join us for a playground night on Thursday August 25th. This is a great time to meet other families and students. I will be available to answer any questions you may have. Please note- K Teachers will not be at the event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Bus Safety Day

Kindergarten Bus Safety Day

Friday, Sep. 2nd, 9:30am

138 Willoughby Road

Shelton, CT

Please join us for Bus Safety Day. Students will have an opportunity to meet their teacher, see their classroom and ride the bus. Parents will stay behind while students are on the bus and learn all about a typical Kindergarten day. Following the bus ride, families will be able to meet with the teacher to ask any questions or drop off any supplies and can stay to play outside on the playground.

This is a K student only event-no siblings please.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.