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Volume 5

Did You Know? Reflector

Technology has come a long way. Students can find information quickly. Perhaps they may have something on their computer or mobile device that they can share with the class. Instead of passing the phone or iPad around, you can AirPlay it to your computer that is attached to a projector. You can broadcast any device with AirPlay capabilities to your MacBook when Reflector is running. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

If you don't have Reflector on your Mac, contact a geek to find out how you can get it!

Reflector for PISD

Cool Tools- LiveBinders

LiveBinders - Your 3-ring binder for the web

  • Collect your resources
  • Organize them neatly and easily
  • Make an impression

We all have used binders before and bought those lovely organizers to help us categorize our lessons, work schedules, professional development documentations, etc. LiveBinders lets you do the same thing with online content. There are a variety of tools available to you to organize things the way you deem is the best. You can set up personal binders that no one ever has to see (except you), or you can create binders for your classes for your students to easily access in an organized way. Set up your lessons before the school year, or go ahead and keep adding to the binder as you go. The power is in your hands!

Take a closer look by watching this introductory video. Then feel free to use some of the links below to investigate further, or get started.

After watching the video, click on your link of choice and enjoy LiveBinders.
(There is also an app you can check out)


LiveBinders for PISD

App Spotlight- DIY.org

Summer's on its way (anybody counting down?) and this app is the perfect answer to "I'm bored!" DIY.org encourages kids to take learning into their own hands by completing challenges that interest them. With over 100 skills to choose from there is truly something for everyone. Choose from topics like Duct Tape Ninja, Beekeeper, Web Designer, Veterinarian, Prankster, Photographer, Sailor, Painter, Fashion Designer, Detective, and even Summerologist. Once you select your skill, complete three of the challenges offered to earn your patch. Students can share their creations and see what other kids are making. All interaction on the site is closely monitored, so it is a safe environment.

DIY.org is a free app for the iPhone/iPad, but as the name suggests you can get there on your computer as well.

Geek of the Week

Kudos to Anna Mauk for her inspired Skitch entry! We are proud to recognize her as our Geek of the Week.

This week's challenge: Share with us one thing you have learned from our weekly JOC newsletters and let us know how you plan to use that knowledge in your classroom. Entries are due before school ends Monday, May 12. We will draw a winner from all who enter.

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