Solomon Islands

What use to be

Climate change.

As you probably have heard, global warming is a big issue that us as humans are not helping with. Every time we turn on the heat or drive to the grocery store in our big Ford pick up truck we are helping the cause of Global warming. The emission of Carbon dioxide from several different places is what is causing a hole in the ozone layer and allowing more of the suns heat in. This is causing climate change and glacier melting.

The effect of Climate change on The Solomon Islands.

Recently the Solomon islands have had first had experience of global warming. Due to increase in heat, glaciers have been melting rapidly and increased ocean levels. Five Solomon Islands have been engulfed into the ocean due to this.
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How can we prevent this?

This could have been avoided and still can be avoided for [possible future victims. If we acted upon this and started using cleaner energy, biking to the grocery store, used blankets instead of turning up the heat etc., we could largely reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Maybe you already do this and want to help even more? You could plant trees in nearby fields or your yard to help absorb some of the carbon dioxide. It may not seem like it will do much but if we start this movement to save the world and everyone helped, the earth could survive that much longer.