Director Marketing Communications

By Saruga Raveendran


About The Company

ZCL is North America’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective fibreglass storage tank systems to the petroleum industry.

Job Description

You will serve as the public face for the company by directing a team of communications consultants to achieve brand awareness.

Your job consists of planning, developing and executing marketing strategies to increase profit margins to attain a larger market share growth and revenue for the company.

You will be responsible for unifying, strengthening ZCL’s brand as a supplier and establishing many different kinds of market positioning at all locations and lead the company to success!


  • Ensure all products, services, and other offerings conform to brand identity.
  • Make a Marketing Plan
Develop and execute yearly marketing plan within budget requirements, and inclusive of all promotional expenses.
  • Establish a Communications Team

Interview and train a knowledgeable team with the best advertising skills to provide the company with the highest potential for success.

  • Monitor Competition
Monitoring competitors' products or services, prices, special deals and advertising techniques. Analyzing these business aspects helps the manager to stay ahead of the game and optimize his company's marketing strategy.
  • Work With Communications Team and Department Heads

To develop and oversee all promotional activities, including customer presentations, brochures, videos, webinars and sales training materials.

Required Marketing Skills

  • Atleast 5 years of senior marketing management in an environment with various geographic locations.
  • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail and Adobe Products
  • Specialized knowledge in the principles and practices of marketing, branding, social media, design, communications techniques and leveraging appropriate technology.

Non - Marketing Skills Required

  • Previous experience in FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and/or thermoplastic composites is a definite asset.
  • A proven team player who is energetic, self-motivated, flexible and adaptable, has strong leader ship skills and verbal communication skills
  • Must have excellent analytical skills, strong organizational and decision making skills.

Educational Programs to Achieve Requirements

Bachelor of Commerce (Sheridan College)

A four-year program that gives you a firm background in both general business knowledge and specialized marketing skills.


  • OSSD
  • Grade 12 University Level English
  • Grade 12 University Level Math
  • Four additional Grade 12 University or College courses

Bachelor of Communication Studies (MacEwan University)

A four-year program that fuses theory (critical approaches to media, communication and culture) and practice (applied skills in writing, editing and public speaking) and links these in a project-based curriculum in areas of strategic communication.

  • Prerequisites Grade 12 University Level English
  • Grade 12 University Level Communication Technology
  • Four additional Grade 12 University or College courses
  • OSSD

Added Benefits: Travelling

  • Multiple locations in Canada and The United States of America.
  • You will be travelling a lot to and from multiple locations to meet with every location's board of communication specialists to improve the market strategies of the company so that ZCL achieves a better brand reputation.

Why Would This Career Be Perfect For You?

Working as a marketing director of communications is fitting for a person with great interpersonal skills, a keen business sense and a knack for advertising. If you love collaboratively working in large teams, designing advertisements and leading everyone to success then this job is definitely for you. You will easily oversee the marketing aspects of a brand or business, and strive to achieve brand awareness naturally.

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