The iPad

The "Side Switch" on the iPad

The side switch is used to mute the iPad and/or set lock rotation. Setting lock rotation prevents information on the screen from rotating when the iPad is repositioned or rotated. In a sense it creates a defined top and bottom.

Dowloading Apps (applications)

lots to choose downloads....hidden charges...lots of free ones...imbedded advertisements
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Math Tutor App

I downloaded the App. Math Tutor to see how it would work. First of all, there are tons of math tutor apps available. The one I chose had a few free lesson but as I got more into it I was asked to pay for a subscription to continue using it and to upgrade.
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Five Finger Swipe

So far I have been getting a lot of good information from the videos and readings. One very cool feature I have learned so far is the 'five finger swipe' I will definitely use this feature now that i'm aware of it. I'm also grateful for the introduction to smore, it's a fun way to integrate media.


I haven't given my students detailed descriptions of the iPad as presented in this module so far. I think I will provide my students with detailed descriptions about the various keys and functions of the iPad. With technology so prevalent in todays society it's easy to take the basics for granted assuming the information is already known.

Change in Thinking

From the reading it is clear that the future is technology driven. Everyone needs to be verse in the usefulness of these devices. Handheld devices are becoming more powerful and are outcompeting other devices such as PCs.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros to iPads and other electronic devices is that they are mobile, small, and they can do multiple functions simultaneously. The benefit of these devices being mobile is that we can take the classroom with us as teachers and learners. As long as we have an internet connection we can engage in learning. Also, we can correspond with friends and family in other countries, cities, states, or those sitting next to us sharing information in multiple formats in seconds.

Also, these devices create many new ways of differentiating learning and teaching catering to the various learning styles and needs of students. They allow for speedy assessment of student growth and achievement that empowers the teacher in the classroom...whatever that classroom looks like (virtual or not).

Some of the cons to these electronic devices is that by being so plugged in and connected all the time we inadvertently become disconnected with our immediate surroundings. The virtual world of Instagram and Facebook keeps us scrolling instead of strolling.

The virtual world which exists on these iPads and other devices create new forms of bullying, scams among other life threatening and emotionally scaring experiences for those who don't have the skills to unplug.

Some of the limitations to electronic devices is that they are expensive, they need to be upgraded constantly, and sometimes they are simply rendered useless because they are constantly being redesigned. If you really want to get the best iPhone wait five years.

In addition, they require constant charging, they are not weather proof, and their functions are limited the further away you go from a wifi plans are expensive.

Electronic devices have had a huge impact on learning and development over the years and they have gotten increasingly more powerful but despite all the advancement made there are still a few negative impacts that threatens the fabric of society.

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