Jordan's and Riley S.'s Volcanoes

by Jordan and Riley S.

Diffrent places volcanoes can form and undersea volcanoes

There are many different places volcanoes can form. They can form underwater, in cold climates, and sometimes at hotspots. An undersea volcano named Kauachi has attempted to form a new island nine times in the last one hundred years. Half of the worlds volcanoes are found around the pacific ocean. A volcano is likely to form where the edges of two plates meet.

scientists have discovered volcanoes on Venus and Mars

Lava and The Richter Scale

Lava can reach the temperature of 1,300 degrees to 2,200 degrees. Thats some hot lava! There are many different types of lava. The Richter Scale method was made in 1935 to measure the size of earthquakes. Tracking earthquake Activity is important for monitoring volcanos.