Stimulating Brain Development

For Infants

Keep it Simple and Natural

It is very important for parents to give children an environment full of positive interaction and talking. Everyday experiences help build the pathways between neurons in a babyś brain.

Some examples would be changing a diaper while talking to the baby, singing, or giving the baby a bath.

Match Experiences to the Childś Mental Abilities

Babies learn by physical experiences. It is important to provide experiences at their level of understanding. Some things may be too advanced for the baby.

For example, an interactive toy can help infants learn, where as flashcards would be too advanced. Bright toys that the baby can grow with can also help the baby learn. Giving a baby a mirror to play with is also good. The baby can learn by looking at it and through touch when they hold it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Establishing routines with the baby can help it learn what to expect. The more repetition, the stronger the connections between neurons become.

Reading a bedtime story every night will help the baby learn the importance of books. Having a set bedtime and bathroom(going to the bathroom or bath time) will help the baby learn their routine.

Actively Involve the Baby

Provide experiences in which the child takes part. Having your baby help you with small things such as picking out a book, getting soap on their hands when washing them, and playing with toys all help the child learn.

Provide Variety, but Avoid Overload

It is important for parents to expose their child to many experiences, but also be aware of over exposing them at one time.

Start out with one toy and then gradually introduce the baby to more. Make sure to notice when the child is no longer interested in the toy, and don´t be afraid to try new things with the child.

Avoid Pushing the Child

Children learn better if they are interested in what they are doing. If a child does not want to do something, do not make them. Instead of forcing the child to do something, give them choices in which either they choose, you will be okay with it. Let the child make their own choices when it comes to what toy they want to play with, or what they want to wear. In the long run, this will help them learn.