Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

November 18, 2019

Keeping you Informed

I hope everyone had a great weekend as we head into a really hot Monday (90's again today! I thought it was November). The good news is rain is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. As I looked at the calendar I realized we have a site visit on December 2nd (the Monday we get back) with Dr. Plutko and Candy Plahy. I will be visiting rooms with them and I know you are all saying in your head why the Monday after the break. Well, that was my bad planning when I signed up thinking Thanksgiving was this week and not next week. I will be more careful about checking the calendar in the future. As for site visits I received very positive feedback from Keith Carmona, Director of Middle School, from his site visits about how impressed he is with our staff. He said it is evident that our staff has built relationships with students as he watches so many collaborative structures in classrooms. He was also impressed with your teaching strategies and how many of you are pushing rigor to higher levels in your classes. It is always great to get to hear positive reinforcement from someone who is not here day in and day out to validate what I have come to learn over the last two years. Have a great week and a better week off for Thanksgiving.

5forALL Focus

Each week I would like to highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL.

5forALL Infographic

Rather than any one strategy, it would be a great week to continue to build relationships with students. Find out what they are doing for Thanksgiving and what types of traditions do they have in their households. Relationships take work all year round and making time each week to get to know students better is always to your benefit.

Birthdays- Sunday is Sara Johnson's Birthday

The Den- A one-stop-shop for YLMS resources for staff.

Wednesday PLC- Horizontal Meetings

60-Second Strategy: Respond, Reflect, and Review


November 25-29- No School Thanksgiving Break

December 2- Dr. Plutko and Candy Plahy visit

Have a Great Week!

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