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Friday, January 8, 2016

Congratulations to our Student and Staff of the Month!

Erick Estrada, Cobb, 5th grade: Erick is a pleasure to have in class. Erick works very hard and is always willing to help his classmates. When he does help others he is patient and kind. I have been very impressed by the level of maturity that he has shown this year in his interactions with his teachers and his peers.

Taylor Cloud, 3rd Grade Math: Taylor is a very hard working, always professional teacher. She is always eager to find ways to be a better teacher and reach all of her students. She is a team player! Taylor incorporates small group teaching in her classroom to meet the needs of each student at their present level of learning. Her students love her and respect her. Her students are always well behaved, but you never hear her raise her voice! Taylor is an asset to Spring Hill and a blessing to our students! Taylor is a wonderful teacher. She is also organized, creative and genuinely seems to enjoy what she does! She reminds my by her actions why I am teaching!

Lisa Fox, Secretary: Lisa is a great person to have in our office. She is efficient and very organized. She is definitely part of the reason our school and office run so smoothly. Lisa is quick and lively at what she does and is willing to help with any task no matter how big or small. Every time I visit the office she greeting myself or a parent with a big smile! She's a great asset to our campus.

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Quick Reminders:

  • Wacky Wednesday Schedule Tue-Thurs/ January 12-14 for RTI Meetings
    Click the Link below for the schedule!
  • If you have not picked up your Turkey and Ham from Brookshires, do so soon!
  • Monday, January 18th is a Professional Development day!
  • Add these E-mails to your contact lists! Linda Williams e-mail is a little different (see below), as we already had a user with lwilliams. Otherwise, these logins follow the normal formatting.
  • Mary "Lizzie" Baker,
  • Linda Williams,
  • Natalie Daniel,
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Refresh Yourself on the Fundamental 5:

  1. Lesson Frame
  2. Power Zone
  3. Frequent, Small Group, Purposeful Talk
  4. Recognize & Reinforce
  5. Coming Up next 6 weeks: Write Critically
Fundamental 5
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Thank you to our teachers that helped develop a plan for SHINE!

Our Plan overview is below... Notes to send home are coming January 19th!

SHINE 2016

Purpose of SHINE: to help as many students as possible understand and achieve the TEKS and what is taught.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays after school until 4:15pm each week. Teachers are to be paid $25 dollars per afternoon they tutor.
  • Mondays are ELA and Writing tutoring
  • Tuesdays are Math and Science Tutoring
  • Each teacher or 2 teacher team is responsible for choosing, organizing and planning when students will attend one of 3 opportunities for SHINE Tutoring
  • 3/4 Teachers will complete SHINE tutoring during these 3 times 1) Class Computer lab time, 2) class Library time, 3) after school on Monday or Tuesday
  • 5th grade is scheduling their IN School SHINE times with Mrs. Edney because they don't have a computer and library time.
  • Notes will be distributed to Teachers Tuesday, January 19th...Teachers will fill out each note for the students they want to attend between now and May and specifically assign them to a time slot. Notes will be passed out to students by Friday, January, 21st
  • Students/Parents will sign and return notes until Feb. 13th
  • Snacks will be in classrooms
  • Bus pick-up will be in front of the 5th grade building. Leave classrooms at 4:15pm
  • Parent pick-up will be in front of the office. Leave classrooms at 4:15.
Dates of SHINE:

  • SHINE tutoring that meets during the day (computer and library time) may begin as soon as student notes are received back to the teacher

After School SHINE Tutoring will follow the schedule below:

First Round after school time slot for 5th Reading/Math and 4th Writing

  • 4th Grade Writing: Mondays in February and March from Feb. 22, Feb. 29, March 14, March 21st
  • 5th Grade Reading: Mondays in February and March from Feb. 22, Feb. 29, March 14, March 21st
  • 5th Grade Math: Tuesdays in February and March from Feb. 23, March 1, March 15, March 22nd
Second Round, after school time slot for 4th and 3rd Reading/Math and 5th Science
  • 4th Grade Reading will be Mondays in April 4, 11, 18, 25th and May 2nd
  • 3rd Grade Reading will be Mondays in April 4, 11, 18, 25th and May 2nd
  • 4th Grade Math will be Tuesdays in April 5, 12, 19, 26th and May 3
  • 3rd Grade Math will be Tuesdays in April 5, 12, 19, 26th and May 3
  • 5th Grade Science will be Tuesdays in April 5, 12, 19, 26th and May 3
  • 5th Grade Reading or Math retake tutoring will meet on Mondays in April if results are back by then

Below are Links to items that might be helpful for you:

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Check Your Google Calendar for upcoming Events this Week!

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