Class of 2022

We're on target!

Happy New Year!

Hello Class of 2022 Scholars and Parents,

It is an honor to serve another year as your assistant principal. I am proud of the academic accomplishments that our scholars earned this past school year. More than 50% of our scholars are listed on the Honor Roll, and approximately 92% of our scholars were promoted to the tenth grade. That means we are ON THE MOVE and ON TRACK for GRADUATION in Spring 2022! Thank you for supporting your scholar, and the vision of Tri-Cities High School. I'm looking forward to a great year.

Proud Assistant Principal,

Kimberly Terry Whitfield

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Here's something to celebrate!

Please join me in congratulating the Class of 2022 for their achievement on the End of Course tests administered in May 2019.

72.8% of the Class of 2022

earned Developing, Proficient or Distinguished on the 9th grade English EOC!

That is a 14.2 point gain from last year's test administration. That is quiet impressive. The Class of 2022 also earned a 3.1 point gain on the Algebra I EOC. Keep up the good work scholars.

Did you know that the Class of 2022 is the MOST SPIRITED CLASS at Tri-Cities? For the second year in a row, the Class of 2022 won the SPIRIT STICK at the school's first pep rally.

Now that's making history! Members of the Class of 2022 are definitely trendsetters.

Check your student's academic status...

  • Join us every 4th Tuesday for Parent Conferences, 3:45- 5:00 PM, in the Commons. Parents do not have to make an appointment. All teachers, counselors, and administrators are available to meet.
  • Progress Reports will be distributed approximately every six weeks in advisement. Expect your scholar to bring their first progress report home Thursday, September 26, 2019.
  • All teachers remain after school at least one day per week to provide help for students. Please encourage your scholars to attend after school tutorial before they are in jeopardy of failing the course. TUTORIAL SCHEDULE 3:45-5:00 PM: Mondays-CTAE/Fine Arts/PE/JROTC; Wednesdays- Math/Social Studies; Thursdays-English/Science

  • Your scholar's teachers are your first line of defense. Contact them first if you have any questions.

10th Grade Content Teachers

Biology: Ms. Benson/Ms. Bray/Dr. M. Jones

English: Ms. Addison/Ms. Holland/Ms. Ogletree/Ms. Parker-Farmer

Geometry: Mr. Blindauer/Ms. T. Brown/Mr. Johnson/Ms. Owens/Ms. Patterson

World History: Mr. Hopkins/Mr. Rase/Ms. Walker

Spanish: Ms. Massanet/Ms. P. Turner/Ms. Winston

French: Mr. Agbemadon/Mr. Amouzou

The Class of 2022: Support Team

Kimberly Whitfield, Assistant Principal

Michelle Dance, Guidance Counselor

Abigail Winkles, Social Worker

Carmena Lawson, RTI Dispro Coach

Alex Domond, Community in Schools

Stay on target...

It is imperative that students attend school every day, every class period, and on time. If a student is marked absent two or more class periods, the student's absence is equivalent to a full school day. A letter will be mailed to parents at the student's THIRD and FIFTH unexcused absence. Be certain that your scholar brings a note to the attendance clerk if s/he is absent for any of these reasons: personal or family illness, death in the family, legal reasons, and observance of a religious holiday.

Scholars should come to school ready to engage in instruction:

  • be prepared with their Surface Pro, charger, writing utensil and composition notebooks and/or binders
  • ask questions and advocate for themselves

Scholars are encouraged to:

  • be a leader
  • be a friend
  • join at least one club or sport, and/or volunteer in the community
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Student Recognition...

Congratulations to Miss Jocelyn Arceo Fonseca who earned a "3" on the Advanced Placement American Government exam in the spring.

Congratulations to Miss Soleil Austin who was recently recognized by the Exchange Club of Hapeville for her leadership, academics, and character. The Exchange Club of Hapeville will acknowledge a different scholar each month this school year.

This is only the beginning and we have at least 400+ members of the Class of 2022 to celebrate. WHO'S NEXT????

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Progress Reports Issued in Advisement

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 3:30pm


Scholars will report to Advisement/Homeroom to receive their progress reports.