"arE you a, good righter"!

steps to become a great writer

Obviously, this person isn't a good writer, as you can tell. This person has missed a few steps in the writing process. He has completely blown off revising and editing, and never took grammar into consideration.If you ever want to look professional, and actually be able to write an email to your boss for a raise,or write your hit sequel for a movie, you will need to know how to write.

Our Tips

Writing can be your best subject area in school if you follow these tips. With our creativity and our tips, you will stun your teachers and have a great story or essay.

Our Tips


Your story has to be structured, and has to make sense. If the essay or story doesn't make sense, the reader will be lost, and that is obviously bad. You can have great story with structure.


Revising is the most helpful and useful step in the writing process. By revising , you could make your story better than before. An example of revising would be:

Incorrect: "i thout today was a wunderfull day."

Correct: "I thought today was a wonderful day."


Dialogue can help make interactions with other characters more understandable. It can also show the way the person is talking to someone else, if they put an exclamation point or a question mark.

ex: "She is the most awesome teacher in the whole world!", said Susie.


Punctuation is a way to use a specific end mark to determine the action or events that are in a sentence. Such as a question mark is to distinguish a question being asked, an exclamation point is to distinguish a surprising event that happened, and a period is a regular full stop. There are many other punctuation that is frequently being used such as a comma, a colon, a semicolon, etc.