Real- World Hero:

Sempo Shgihara

Sempo Sugihara by:Lexi

Sempo Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat during World War 2. He was sent to Germany to represent Japan. At this time Hitler was in charge of Germany and the Nazi party. At the time Hitler was murdering lots of Jews. Senpo Sugihara stood up against Hitler. He began secretly freeing Jewish people across Europe. Sempo tried to let Jewish people escape to Japan. japan did not let any Jewish people into there country , so Sempo wrote passports for each one of them. These passports made sure these Jewish people were safe. Sempo Sugihara is kinda a hero because he could of got arrested for what he did and he ended up saving thousands of Jewish people.

What a hero means to me

To me a hero is someone who helps and make a difference. There are a lot of heroes in the world, for example my dad is one of my heroes. My dad is my hero because he makes me feel like I can do things better. For example he helps me study for tests even when he is busy, he makes sure that I have positive experiences such as as taking us on trips such as the BC and Disney Land and he never gives up which makes me feel like I wont give up. Therefore a hero is a person that helps you achieve your goals.