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It's a New Wonder

Greeting Families

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We are so excited about the upcoming curriculum that we are going to research this month. With our last study of weather, the children’s interests led us to look at nature and environments we life in. The wonder presented was bodies of water.

Building on social skills, great conversation was in depth over rivers. The topic of wondering about many features of rivers, the children were very engaged. Living in Montana all the rivers the children have experienced were described as large or big rivers. The wonder of how the rivers are different became the depth of the conversation.

The children will be discovering many topics of rivers in the next few weeks along with the wonder of Which river in the world is the smallest?

With the use of technology, the children’s studies will allow then to search the internet, look up articles on rivers, and websites with video about rivers.

The wonder lesson is so important for the children to build on critical thinking skills, social and emotional skills, and learning how to use technology in our classrooms to discover answers with research. Wondering never ceases to stop creativity.

We encourage any volunteers to join us for the discovery into our wonder.

Have a great day.

New Frontier Learning Center