Blake Chittenden


My theme is to be determined in everything you do. If you are determined you can do want you want to do and if you are determined you have a better chance of doing what you want to do faster.



The setting is in Norwalk, Iowa when I was 10 years old to current time. My setting is important because when I was 10 is when the story began. The story could be different if the setting was different because I might not of met these characters if I was somewhere else.


1. When I was in 5th grade I met Carson because we played football together on the Vikings. When he was on the Vikings I saw how he was very determined and I learned from him how to be more determined.

2. When I was in 7th grade I wanted to be the A team Quarterback. Coach Kuhn encouraged me and helped me be determined to be Quarterback and I got the starting A team Quarterback.