Plessy vs Ferguson

Jamare & Kayla

The History Of Plessy vs Ferguson

Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in a railroad car designated for whites only. Plessy was in fact seven-eighths white and one-eighth black which by Louisiana law meant he was treated as an African-American and required to sit in the car designated for "colored" patrons. When Plessy lost his initial court case, his appeal made it to the US Supreme Court. The Court ruled 7-1 that the Louisiana law requiring that the races be separated did not violate the thirteenth or fourteenth amendments to the Constitution as long as the facilities were deemed equal.

Why It Happened?

Homer Plessy purchased a first-class ticket for a trip between New Orleans and Covington, LA and took possession of a vacant seat in a white-only car. Duly arrested and imprisoned him and he was brought to trial in a New Orleans court and convicted of violating the 1890 law.

Who Won?

Plessy appealed the case to the Louisiana State Supreme Court, which affirmed the decision that Louisiana law as constitutional. Therefore, Ferguson won.