Paul's Case

By Anthony Fontana A2

Point Of View

The point of view throughout the story is omniscent 3rd person. The author uses this point of view to show us the perspective of author characters in the story. This helps the author show us how much ignorance and lack of self knowledge Paul possesses throughout the story. The picture of the eyes shows that the point of view can be from any perspective during the story.


Paul is a man with many different traits. At school Paul is distrustful and obnoxious, but outside of school Paul works at Carnegie Hall as an usher because of his love for music and the arts. Paul really does have two personalities, and is in a constant struggle to figure out which one is his real one. The author uses this to show that Paul is not very smart, which ends up leading to his death. This is a picture of Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes of all time. Bo succeeded in both football and baseball. The picture is a picture of Bo wearing his football pads, but holding a baseball bat. This resembles Paul; Paul is stuck between weather or not he wants to be a bad kid, or an artsy kid.


The setting of this story took place in many different places. The main setting was Pittsburgh, PA. A lot of the story was focused in around Carnegie Hall, an art and music hall. The author focuses in on this setting to back the characterization of Paul. I chose the picture of Carnegie Hall because it is the main setting through most of the story.


The paintings and art in Carnegie Hall symbolize peace of mind for Paul. The school symbolizes stress and anxiety. Since Paul is such a stubborn and ignorant kid, he is not willing to mix the two lives. This eventually leads to lots of self depression and alienation. The visual shows a boy who is sitting at home extremely frustrated, and in deep contemplation. Paul was confused throughout the story on who he really was.


The theme of the story shows that being ignorant and stubborn throughout life only results in depression and seperation from the real world. In Paul's Case it ended up resulting in suicide. Paul was not capeable of mixing his two worlds and finding out who he really is. This picture resembles Paul as he stares at the horizaon contemplating life and it's hardships. When you are stubborn, life is much more difficult.


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