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The landscape of Iceland is mostly bog and small hills. the citizens of Iceland speak Icelandic. the language is part of the Germanic language family. finally, the culture of Iceland is very isolated and nature is a big part of it.


The landscape of Iceland best fits Middle Earth because the geographical feature fit together. For example, the soft rolling green hills of Iceland represent The Hill where Bilbo Baggins lives. the language of Iceland also reflects aspects of Middle Earth. Both have an isolated and special language. finally, the cultures of Iceland and Middle Earth are almost exact because of the isolation and nature involvement.

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counter claim

Iceland is the best place for Middle earth because of the many similarities in geography, culture, and history. first, the landscape of Iceland has all of the landscape that is in Middle earth including, mountains, plains, and large forests. Also, it has a very nature oriented culture similar to that of The Hill. Last, the history of Iceland had one large event like that of Middle Earth when Smaug took over the dwarves mountain.


overall Iceland would make the best middl earth because it has similar traits in every aspect. it has the proper landforms. it has similar culture and what is important to them. it has a common history timeline. Last, Iceland is isolated from the rest of the world.
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