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What's Up? Classroom and Communications Skills Program

November 2014...Weeks 11.3.14 - 11.13.14

An inspiring and insightful perspective on education and how we raise our children

It's all a process, but we'll get there!

Hard to believe we're quickly approaching fall break, which means our first nine weeks has almost come to an end! And let me tell you.....your children are working hard and making progress! We see progress daily, some in small doses, some in GREAT BIG strides, but daily progress! Although there might be days you feel like throwing in the towel or banging your head, just know, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! You are raising small souls and building on their individual strengths! The video that I presented at the beginning of our newsletter speaks to the incredible qualities all children possess and how we must tap into these qualities! I don't endorse the website "," in fact I couldn't even open the web page when I tried! However, the video made me think of the great things we need to do and are doing to educate our most individualized learners!

"Your child is a unique blend of talents, personality, and ingredients, nowhere else to be found." This is why our classroom is more than a classroom! It is often a bear's den, a beehive, a duck pond, an eagle's nest, a zebra's herd, a school of fish, a squirrel's nest, and yes, even a kangaroo from time to time. Thanks for always connecting home and school! Keep on doing what you do, build on those skills that make your child strive, and let's see where we fly and where we land!

Ms. Leslie :)

Guess What's Coming Up?

Check this out......

This section of our newsletter will focus on what our "theme" will be that we explore for the next few weeks! This month we look towards "ALL THINGS FALL!" We've explored leaves, apples, made applesauce (recipe should have come home), and have been singing about all things growing on our "Pumpkin Vine" song! For the past couple of weeks we have been feeding our farm animals apples from our apple tree and this week we'll be reading our story called, "Feed The Pig," finding things that are yummy and yucky for our pig to eat! We'll be hiding our pictures in the barn, and helping our friends find their pictures! As always, we will continue to use our communication boards and pictures throughout all activities to continue to promote communication, transitions, and overall classroom rapport! We're learning, growing, and having fun!

Ms. Tina's Tidbits!

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In this section of our newsletter, Ms. Tina will be giving some language and communication tips to use that will connect home and school! Our language and communication is a integral part of our classroom, and we all want to be on the same page!

We are going to try and build on the toy list we had sent in our previous newsletter and bring you videos of how they can be used in play, used for requesting, and just overall communication! However, it's also important to note the fantastic activities you could do outside, especially as we explore our fall and farm themes! We did take an awesome nature walk inside (which is completely do-able depending on the weather), but we also want to build on the ideas of what fun is waiting for you outside! Please check out some fabulous ideas below in a link from "Let's Grow Speech!" A wonderful resource that gives us tons of ideas and the "know-how" to encourage language in a multitude of ways! Get outside in fall! Use your eyes to find things, your ears to hear, your hands to touch, your noses to smell, and even your mouth to taste! Learning by doing, and language by doing! Ready, set, GO! Have fun!

Sesame Street: Nature Walk

Let's Get Messy......Sensory Ideas for Home!

Another thing ALL THINGS FALL lends itself to is being able to enjoy and engage in lots of sensory activities! By simply just having some fall items in your home, children can touch the items, see the items, smell the items, even taste items, such as apples, you are exploring! We will also be exploring objects in a sensory bin filled with corn during one of our upcoming stations! Check out some very cool ideas below and experience the fun of fall!

We've Got Skills!

In this section of our newsletter you will find skills we work on in our classroom. Some skills, you will notice, might be listed quite a lot, but they are skills that we are continually working on now and always! The rest of the list consists of things that may go with our theme, or they are newer skills we are trying to acquire! Here is what we have been working on thus far during our first couple of weeks! We are already seeing LOTS of great things! OH, and please don't think this list is all we work on! These are highlights of our hard daily work!

  • Sharing materials
  • Following our classroom routine, using a picture schedule
  • Taking something off of the flannel board, or placing a picture on to a picture or flannel board
  • Simple motor imitations (clapping hands, tapping legs, waving, giving high five's)
  • Starting to recognize our pictures and pictures of friends
  • Making animal sounds!
  • Walking down the hall and being able to stop, wait, go, and come here!
  • Responding to our names.
  • Matching picture to picture and picture to object!
  • Being able to "give me _______" when an adult or friend is requesting something!

Check out what we are learning!

HSE Student Illness Policy

As our weather starts to change and the sniffles, cold, flu season starts, here are a few reminders about our illness policies for students! If your child has had a fever, has vomited, or has had diarrhea, he/she must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. With a fever, your child must be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to school. I know this is sometimes frustrating, because you do not want your child to miss school. We don't want your child to miss school, either. However, we also want to make sure that your child is not susceptible to getting sicker and do not want to spread illness throughout our classroom. Thanks so much for your understanding. As always, let me know what questions you might have!
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Monday, Oct. 20th, 8:15am to Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 1pm

7055 W 675 S

Pendleton, IN

Our first field trip of the year, and it's a great one! We will be taking the AM CLASSES ONLY on Monday, October 20th (no PM class that day), and the PM CLASSES ONLY on Wednesday, October 22nd (no AM class that day). Both days last from 8:20-1:00 p.m.

We take our trips this way so the place we are going can accommodate us with so many students going!

****PLEASE NOTE, if you want to attend/volunteer, you must have a background check on file and you must have watched and signed off in the anti-bullying video! Those links can be found on our HSE schools website..... ****

It is taking up to 5 business days for those background checks to make it into the system, so I encourage you all to please do this if you haven't already! :)

Also, payment must be made for both you and your child if you are both going!

Everyone gets to take a pumpkin home, pet farm animals, take a tractor/hay ride, and play on their playground! It's a great day! I encourage parents to attend and enjoy the day with your child! Please let me know if you have any questions!

We're looking forward to a great trip!


If your child was absent for picture day, or if you do not like your child's original picture, picture retake day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21. Order forms and information should be coming home shortly! On a side note, if you ordered a class picture, they will arrive at a later date. The photographers wait until all the children have been photographed before compiling the class picture.

Special Notes and Upcoming News/Events

  • Picture re-takes, Tuesday, October 21st
  • Field trips! Mark your calendars for Monday October 20th (AM CLASS ONLY), and then Wednesday October 22nd (PM CLASS ONLY). We are headed to the farm! It's a fantastic trip! We have "typical" AM and PM classes on Tuesday, October 21st!
  • Parent/Teacher conferences - week of October 20th! Reminders about conference times are coming home this week!
  • Fall break - Thursday October 23rd - Sunday October 26th, back in school Monday October 27th!

Time for our CRE BOOK FAIR!

Please consider supporting our C.R.E.S. library while providing your child with some great books at reasonable prices! All sales help fund new books and resources for our students!

Book Fair Dates:

Tuesday, October 21st from 1:00-8:00 pm

Wednesday, October 22nd from 1:00–7:00 pm

Location: C.R.E.S. Library

This year the book fair will be open during school hours on both days (see times above). These hours are only for parents shopping alone (some parents like to shop for “gifts” without their student). Students will not be dismissed from class to shop. They will have to shop online with an adult or attend the fair after school with an adult.

If your schedule is full during Book Fair week, or if you cannot find what you are looking for at the fair, be sure to visit the Book Fair online at

Our Online Fair is available for an extended time from Monday, October 20th – Monday, November 3rd.

Check out this Special Event happening at the Fisher's Texas Roadhouse! It's happening this Monday, Oct. 13th!

Halloween.....Let's Chat!

As we start to plan for the end of the month, when we are returning from fall break, we recognize that the Halloween holiday will be here. We also understand that not all families celebrate the same holidays, including Halloween. I am asking for your help! Please let me know if you do not recognize or celebrate Halloween in your home. While we won't actually bring/wear costumes to school, we still explore Halloween topics, read some Halloween stories about dressing up, and dress-up in our dress-up clothes! We'll have some kind of special treat that Thursday, October 30th, such as spider or pumpkin cookies, maybe play a pin the parts on the pumpkin game and that will be our fun! Please let me know your concerns! Thanks, ahead of time, for your help with this!

Check This Out.....

One of our favorites from 2nd Circle!

2nd Circle typically happens at the end of our day. It involves using some kind of video clip, or iPad app that is motivating and at the same time has TONS of concepts we can work on and learn from! Transitioning to our 2nd Circle is one of our easiest transitions!

Way Up High in an Apple Tree - Apple Song for Kids - Children's Song by The Learning Station
Old McDonald Had A Farm | Super Simple Songs