Medieval Japan



  • The lord and Vassal system was called feudalism.
  • About A.D. 600, a Yamato prince named Shotoku took over Japan.
  • Prince shutoku built the Buddhist temple of Horyuji, the oldest surviving wooden building in the world.
  • He helped create Japan's first strong central government.
  • Japan did not use examinations to hire officials. Instead, they gave jobs to nobles from powerful families.
  • As Buddhism spreads to Japan, they have problems with the government.
  • Later on the government weakens and war breaks out. They would be protected by the samurai and ruled by shoguns and daimyo.

Armor,Combat,and Weapons

  • Warriors in medieval Japan were known as samurai.
  • samurai had special equipment, including the famous katana swords and suits of armor built for protection.
  • Japanese armor typically consisted of multiple sections, placed over a robe and pants to prevent chafing.
  • The helmet was called a "kabuto," and contained a neck guard of interlocking plates known as a "shikoro."
  • There were a long variety of weapons the Samurai used, including the Katana, the Wakizashi, the Tanto, the bow, and more.
  • The katana was the samurai's primary battle weapon.
  • In situations where regular weapons weren't allowed, the Tessen fan could be used as weapon in an emergency.