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The easiest way to know how many Nepal is going to give you for climbing Everest is to do it yourself. Hey you might be surprised on how many people climb everest people die in everest more than 250 have died in everest most people die in the death zone which is more than 8,000ft or because their are not prepared either physically or gearly or how peaks says YOU NEVER KNOW WHO THE MOUNTAIN WILL ALLOW AND WHO IT WILL NOT..

Well there is 25,000 tourist that climbing everest and if you stay in nepal more than three days they are probably going to pay you a least $30.And if you want to climb one of the himalayan mountains you need to have a permit from the government which is called Government-issued climbing permit but you can climb one of the smaller peaks for free cause imagine that they dont have a permit what penalty will they have go to jail forever.


Oxygen, breath contains les molecules of oxygen

the personal experiences Everest have been difficult; one of the experiences is a experienced lung infection that stopped on one climb the body simply refused to acclimatize above 23,000 feet above, the vast majority of Everest climbers have full time jobs ,full times families and cannot spend any hours everyday for a year to get in professional shape; so it becomes critical to make every workout count without hurting yourself. For the forth attempt successful summit on Everest, the training mantra became: When you think you have given it your all, you have just started if you want to summit Everest.

The human body simply does not function well at high altitudes and especially above 8000m (26,300). As you go higher, the barometric pressure decreases, the air still contains 21%


In 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Tezing Norgay made it to the summit mountain everest stared to have some changes in climate the temperature was going lower.Before khumbu's enviromental was healthier but since that part had foot steps of a lot of people there that place has been like that for decades it maybe needs a rest because a piece of ice or an avalanche could happen.

Global climate has changed a lot from that moment it has affected everest's geography some glaciers have retreated (avalanches for sure) some like three miles or something around that (4.8km) in the past 20 years. If the glaciers continue to recede, it coul hurt,endanger te sherpas there or even kill them they have lived a long time by melting ice and fishing.

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After days fo climbing everest peak and sunjo finally made it to the summit,all these days of hard work and see know they got it they got to the SUMMIT!!! everybudy was waiting for it there you got it wow men I didn´t think they were gonna make it to summit but since they made it let´s talk about it .

When they were in the yellow flag they were exhausted they had a lot of oxygen tanks but they didn't get to sun-jo he was really tired but his friends help he could do it with peak,ying,yang he made it congrats to the youngest person to the summit of everest.


He was the youngest kid to climb Everest. and he helped a kid called peak on climbing mount Everest, and he was poor and he had sisters that did not had education so he started climbing so that he could help their sisters and himself to get education and sun-Jo also had a grandfather and his name is zopa, they both went to climb Everest and zopa got sick when they (sun-Jo and peak) where about to get to the summit zopa was sick but peak let sun-Jo go to the summit because peak was older than sun-Jo so peak let sun-Jo be the first youngest kid to climb Everest.


peak is kid that is 16 years old and he wanted to climb Everest because he wanted to be the first kid youngest kid to climb Everest but when he got there he met a kid called sun-Jo and sun-Jo was younger than peak and sun-Jo went to climb Everest so that he and his sisters get education so peak though if sun-Jo was the youngest kid to climb Everest and help his family he could help sun-Jo.