Wright City Technology Integration Information

This Week's techTip

Google has just released some new features to Google Classroom, Sheets, Forms and Docs. Some are very exciting and some are questionable on how effective the tool can be used in the classroom. So here goes...

Let's start with Google Classroom and some new features. There is a new extension, "Share to Classroom" that will allow the teacher and the student to share websites directly from the website. In the past, the teacher would have to build the assignment within classroom then attached the web link. Now when you are designing a lesson and want to use a specific website you can use the "Share to Classroom" extension and design the assignment from the site. Additionally, students can do the same thing. As an example, when working on research the student can share a website directly to the teacher or to others in the class. (This feature is only available to students IF the extension is put on their device.) Another feature is the ability to post questions and to reuse assignments. When posting questions, the teacher can allow students to reply to other student's responses in the class or to only post to the teacher. This is a great way to post an exit question, collaborate on a KWL, or get the class thinking about an upcoming lesson. Finally, the best feature added to classroom is the "reuse" tab. This allows the teacher to reuse any assignments used in the past and post as a new assignment to the same class or a different class.

What's new with Google Docs, Forms and Sheets? To start Google has added templates to Docs. This feature is much like what is offered through Microsoft Word. It provides predesigned templates. Also, it allows you to create and save templates that you use on a regular basis. Google has also added the feature of "voice to text" within Docs. The concept is to allow for note taking and dictation. However, I am not sure how this could work logistically in a classroom setting but, none the less, a new feature. Another feature is located in Sheets. In the bottom corner Sheets has an "explore" tab that when clicked will pull up data tables for the entire sheet or you can highlight one area to view specific data in one area. Lastly, there is the option to customize the look and layout of Google forms. This allows you to personalize a form beyond the customary templates.

As Google continues to grow and change I encourage you to explore the new features they have to offer. Follow the link below to techNation to see tutorial videos on many of these new features!

The High School's Technology Focus

In an effort to enhance the RTI process and student rigor at the High School level teachers are learning the online software program, Mastery Connect. This is a cloud-based software platform that allows teachers to track student mastery of standards, collect data and differentiate classroom instruction as needed. Technology Professional Development will focus on navigating the functions available through Mastery Connect, troubleshooting problem areas, and implementing the program within the classroom.

The Middle School's Technology Focus

The Middle School staff is deep in developing and applying differentiated instruction within the classroom structure. Within this process, teachers are collecting data and reviewing the results to help drive daily instruction to meet the individual needs of all students. Google Classroom is a technology platform that will help organize and distribute rigorous learning required from our Middle School students. Google has recently released some new features to Google Classroom that allow the teacher to post questions, facilitate online collaboration and front load/flip a lesson.

The Elementary Schools' Technology Focus

East and West Elementary schools will have technology training specific to building and teacher needs. At this time, both schools are in need of materials to support the classroom Reading and Writing Workshops. Videos are being created to tell "our story" to the public on how each building is in need of BOOKS. What better way to ask for help than through the faces of our children! Take the time to see "our Story" linked below!

Additionally, teachers are reaching out and learning ways to enhance their technology skills through the scheduling of one-to-one meetings with the district Technology Integration Facilitator. Teachers are learning how to use Google Forms to collect individual student data. Additionally, teachers are learning new Google Extensions such as "Readability" and "Read and Write for Google".

our Story

Where are We?

1:1 Initiative for the High School 2016-2017

September 15, 2015 Shawn Brown, Matt Brooks, Matt Mooney and Dawn Hickman will attend their first school visit of a 1:1 school. Liberty High School in the Wentzville School District will be hosting an on site tour and Q&A session. This is the beginning process to building our 1:1 initiative for the 2016-2017 High School Year.

The overall purpose of touring local schools is to see what did and didn't work, the process they followed and get a visual of the 1:1 process in action with teachers and students. The goal is to tour at least 3-4 school districts. Later, down the road the team would like to narrow our focus to a specific school that implements the 1:1 in a way that we would like Wright City to look. Once this is established, the team would like to include another group consisting of Wright City High School staff to attend an on site tour as well.

Your questions are welcomed and needed! Attached is a Google Doc for anyone to collaborate and add questions for the team to ask the hosting schools.

Technology as a TOOL

Technology is an empowering tool when used with a purpose. Below is an example of a teacher integrating technology into a 2 day lesson. The technology appears seamless in the delivery of the lesson and has been used as an incredible tool in the hands of the students. From Google slides to Blogging the process the teacher took is exciting to see.

Where to get help for your technology needs