Equine Veterinarian

Helping animals is what I want to do

About the job

These doctors work with horse breeders, ranchers, competitive horse owners and others to treat and protect the welfare of horses.Horse veterinarians provide vaccinations, treat injuries, diagnose and treat diseases and perform surgery on horses. Veterinarians for horses typically visit the animals at farms and ranches rather than having them brought into their offices. They frequently have had experience working with horses for most of their lives. Horse veterinarians are often consulted by horse owners on topics such as diet, stabling, improving performance and breeding.

Degree needed

Associate Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, and Certificate Programs in Health/Nursing/Human Services

The Best Place for the Job

The best place to have a equine vet business is on a lot of land and about 10 miles from any big city.

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Work Enviorment

For an equine vet you mostly work outside or in a barn.

Advancement Opportunities

In the job of an equine vet their really are no opportunities to advance.


Yes, you will need to travel a lot in this job because you have to do house calls. if you are a vet that does not do house calls then you will not need to do so much traveling.
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All over the united states

Job Outlook

The number of people in that position is probably going to increase over the next 20 years.

Occupation Security

You are pretty secure in your position unless your boss really hates you or if you are a bad and lazy worker.