Tech Nuggets

April 2015

Did you know Google Help has it's own YouTube Channel? They have short animated videos with tips on Chromebooks, Drive, Gmail, Chrome and more. Some of these videos are also available in Spanish. Google has done a great job of grouping the videos into playlists so you can quick flip through the videos on a specific topic.

One I found recently provides 3 tips for spotting malware. Check it out..

Three tips for spotting malware

Tech in the Building

Location & Dates

Hillside - Tuesday, April 6th
Larned Middle School - Tuesday, April 7th
Phinney - Tuesday, April 14th
Northside - Thursday, April 16th
Larned High School - Tuesday, April 21st

EEC & TriCounty Office - Friday, April 24th (9am-11am)

*Please note that this will be the last official Tech in the Building day for the school year.

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Getting my art on at TIG - Meet Sketchnoting, a visual method of notetaking. In this post you will learn more about sketchnoting, how to get started, and ideas for using it in the classroom with students. You'll even get to see my crude, non-artistic doodles.

Digital Learning Day + PI Day = Engaged Learners - Provides a brief introduction and resources to Digital Learning Day and PI Day.

New Tools & New People at TIG - Peruse a collection of online tools and apps for teachers and students. You can also see a list of recommended people to add to your personal learning network (PLN).

10 Features of Google Keep - Learn about the tool Google Keep and what makes it AWESOME!

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If you have any website recommendations you would like to share, please email them to Ms. Lehman.

Remember, you can access sites from past Website Wednesdays by going to Ms. Lehman's Diigo Library.

Not all sites are geared for students, but all sites are reviewed for ease of use, content and usefulness. Ms. Lehman makes every effort to check the accessibility of the sites for staff and students, but sometimes she misses one. If a site is ever recommended that you and/or your students cannot access, please email her and she will get it unblocked.
The Golden Treasures of Google! - Part 1 - Shake Up Learning

This blog post by Kasey Bell focuses on using Google Maps, Street View and Google Earth.

The Key Differences Between Summative And Formative Assessments | Edudemic

This short article from Edudemic provides a simple definition between summative and formative assessments. They have also included a handy infographic for those of us who are visual learners.

53 ideas for checking student understanding.

75 Practical Ed Tech Tips Videos

Educational 'how-to' videos created by Richard Byrne, FreeTech4Teachers, covering a variety of topics such as storyboarding, blogging tools and tips, audio recording tools and more.

10 edu-books to inspire and stimulate

Looking for a book to help you go to the next level as an educator? Matt Miller, author of Ditch the Textbook, offers his top ten list.

Speedometry – Learn Math and Science | Hot Wheels

Register for your free Hot Wheels kit and download the lesson plans that address STEM integration.

Place Value Games

Free games for helping students learn about place value.

Place Value

Place Value lessons and games by Sheppard Software. Students will identify the digits, compare numbers, learn different ways of showing a number, and more. Geared toward elementary students.

42 Fill-in-the-Blank Prompts For Students To Design Their Own Projects

"...the following series of fill-in-the-blank prompts can be used by teachers to create lessons, students to create projects-or teachers to collaborate with students to create lessons-or projects. Or, well, you get the idea. I use these sorts of stems to create "learning blends" for students-either with them, or for them. I couple these prompts with other components-technology like apps or social media channels, texts from literary classics to postmodern non-fiction, creativity, or even local matters of citizenship." -from Terry Heick, author of this resource

TheBazillions - YouTube

Kid-friendly songs teaching students about similes & metaphors, prepositions, prefix or suffix, perimeter, triangles, and more. Most seem appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students, but the high school students might enjoy similes & metaphors.

How Light Bulbs Work and Activities for Learning About Electricity

From Free Technology For Teachers - This blog post features a short video created by Minute Physics on how modern light bulbs work and how the design has changed over the last 100+ years. it also provides applications for classroom use.

Bloom's Taxonomy Teacher Planning Kit

Great resource for teachers - provides definition, key words, actions, outcomes and

questions for the thinking skill levels in Bloom's Taxonomy.

50 Story Starters on Pinterest

Collection of story starter ideas for writing assignments or digital storytelling activities.

Single Women Homesteaders

From PBS Learning Media, this 5 minute video relates the history behind single women homesteaders and the 1862 Homesteading Act. You can opt to stream or download the video. You can also see the standards tied to this content.

SHOW®/WORLD - A New Way To Look At The World

As you explore the various demographical information available, the country size will shift to indicate the data being depicted. This is a great for visual learners! With one quick glance you can see which country has the highest number in a specific area. When you hover your mouse over a country, you will get the country name and actual numbers.

New USD 495 Videos

Embedding Video on Weebly

Have a video in Google Drive that you want to put on your class website? This video will walk you through the sharing your video in Google Drive, obtaining the embed code, and then adding it to your web site.
Embedding Video on Weebly

Recording with Voice Recorder

This is a short 'how-to' video on using Voice Recorder aimed specifically at students, but it's also useful for teachers new to the Voice Recorder app.
Recording with Voice Recorder

Uploading & Sharing Voice Recording

Now that you've made a recording on Voice Recorder, how do you share it with your teacher or other people? This video walks students through the steps of uploading their voice recordings to Google Drive and then sharing it with their teacher.
Uploading & Sharing Voice Recording

New Mobile Apps

The following mobile apps were purchased for the district during the month of <insert>. See one you want to try out with your students? Submit a USD 495 App Request form.

Check out other apps available for student devices on the USD 495 Apps website.