By Joshua Venemman

When and where did was he born?, Where did he spend most of his life?, Describe their education or training?

Born March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy.

He spent most of his life in Florence, Italy.

He studied Grammar and was an apprentice.

Describe his lifestyle?, What type of art work did he mostly work on?

-Michelangelo was a person who also believe in religion when other people started to stop believeing in religion.

-Michelangelo created many different types of art work but he known for creating sculptures and for some of his paintings.



-Created during 1501-1504

-Located today at the Accademia GAllery in Florence, Italy

-The significants of the David was that it was modeled after David from the bible from the story David And Goliath.

-I chose this peace of work because he did a great jod of creating the curly hair and smooth marble.

-It shows Humanism by show how great humans can be.

David with the Head