Walk in my Sneakers

By, Paula Melton

History of sneakers

In 18th century

People wore plimsolls which did not have a left and a right.


U.S. Rubber Company made Keds.


Sneakers mass produced and got their name.


Converse were created.


Sneakers went international and adidas were created.


Michel Jordan signed contract to make air Jordan's.

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A day in the life of a Photographer

I jump out of bed and rush to get ready. Today I had to take photos of a little kids birthday party. After I get ready I slide on my black Keds and run out the door. Once I get there I am welcomed by the smell of birthday cake and running kids. I run to take photos of everything important and all the activities the children are doing. Once I'm finished I'm glad I wore my comfortable Keds so I could run around. I upload the pictures and send them to the child's mom.
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My Passion Connection

This connects to my passion because I love to take pictures. To show people what they don't see everyday. To show the beauty that happens everyday. These shoes connect to my passion because photographers wear comfortable shoes. I hope I can show the world what they haven't seen when they were looking at their phones.