Guyana, French Guyana, & Suriname

South American Countries

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The Guyana's

The Guyana's are a wonderful place to explore! There are many things to do from Exploring nature to climbing up old historical towers.

The Economy

Guyana's Natural Resources

Guyana's economy is dominated by the production and processing of primary commodities, such of which sugar, gold and bauxite are the most important. Many people with the jobs of anything to do with the Commodities, they can work here in Guyana to trade or sell many crops or ores.

French Guyana's Economy

French Guyana's has many industries, such as; construction, forestry products, gold mining, and many more! In this wonderful country there are many great jobs to receive and do hard work to get a lot of money.

Suriname's Economy

Suriname is a country that dominate's the mining industry, with exports of alumina, gold, and oil. People in Suriname have many jobs in the mines or in oil industries, always getting more and more! Suriname is always depending on its oil workers to get more and more oil to sell as one of there main selling products. This country is great for you to get a job here if you need money fast.


People of Guyana

The main religion in Guyana is manly Christianity and Hinduism. The people in Guyana all mainly speak English but there are also many other languages like Spanish. Many people in Guyana are famous Musicians, Sports People and More!

French Guyana

People all over French Guyana speak French, very rarely there are other languages in there country. Many of the people in the country believe in the Roman Catholic Religion. There are many churches around the country and more. There are many famous people in French Guyana that play sports, wright poems, singers, actors and more.


People that live in Suriname all mainly speak Dutch, their religion is mainly Christianity. The country celebrates many of the religions, like Christmas, and Easter.



Guyana's climate is warm and tropical throughout the year. The rainfall is generally high for most of the year, as is the humidity. December to January and May to June are the rainy seasons, while in coastal areas the climate is tempered by sea breezes

Guyana is full of wonderful places to explore with family & friends. Guyana has many activities to explore! Here are some examples. Kaieteur Falls, Iwokrama Forest, Stabroek Market, Shell Beach, Jacuzzi Orinduik Falls, Guyana Zoo, & Orinduik falls

French Guyana

French Guyana has a lot of fun activities to do like crossing rivers, going to space centers, walking on beaches and more! The Main type of weather there is a tropical style, hot, humid; little seasonal temperature variation Climate In Suriname
Here are some amazing places to visit while in French Guyana! The Guiana Space Centre, Tresor Nature Reserve, Kaw , Remire-Montjoly, Pirogue River, Camp de la Transportation, Place Victor Schoelcher, Market, Cayenne, Departemental de Franconie, Cayman, Salvation Islands, & Hattes Beach


Suriname has a tropical climate. The populated area in the north has four seasons: a minor rainy season from early December to early February, a minor dry season from early February to late April, a major rainy season from late April to mid-August, and a major dry season from mid-August to early December.

These are some excellent places to explore in Suriname! Fort Zeelandia, Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Brokopondo Reservoir, Coppename River, Nickerie River, Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge, Tafelberg, & Julian-top



Guyana never had that many wars in their history, The wars they had were all mainly in their country except for WWI, & WWII. Some of the wars Guyana has had are The Invasion of Cayenne, The Slave Rebellions in 1763 and 1823 were seminal moments in the nation's history, WWI, & WWII

French Guyana

French Guyana was the country with the smallest history with wars. The wars were all fought in French Guyana Except for WWI, & WWII. Here are some of the wars they had. WWII, WWI, The Slave Rebellion, &Napoleonic Wars


Suriname had the most wars out of all the Guyana's. Most of the wars manly took place on 1800 threw the late 1900. The wars all were in the country except for WWI, & WWII. Here are some of the wars Suriname had. Battles of Suriname. Batavian Republic & Dutch Guiana V.S. United Kingdom & France, Britain and France took part of Dutch Guiana, Surinamese coup d'état, Henck Arron V.S. Dési Bouterse Dési Bouterse victory overthrow of the Prime Minister with a violent coup, Suriname Guerrilla War, 1986–1992, WWI, & WWII.

Thanks for Reading About the Guyana's

This is all just a little area to get wonderful facts about the Guyana's but you should go there and explore for your self.