All about tsunami's

How are tsunamis formed?

Tsunamis are formed from earthquakes that start under the ocean floor. Some earthquakes don't start a tsunamis, but, most of them do. The earthquakes can happen from underwater volcanoes, something happening to the earth, or something humans are trying to do.

How much damage can tsunamis do?

Tsunamis can do a large amount of damage or they can do very little. Usually when there is a tsunami near the coast, the streets, homes, buildings, and other things are either carried into the ocean, destroyed, or are water damaged/soaking wet. Some people either die or are in a safe spot when there is a powerful tsunami.

Facts about tsunamis

  1. The Japanese word for tsunami is "harbor wave"
  2. 80% of tsunamis happen is the Pacific Ocean (in the Ring of Fire)
  3. In Hawaii, a tsunami happens at least once a year. Every seven years, there is a severe one
  4. In 2004, there was a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that was equivalent to the force/power of 23,000 atomic bombs

Where to go when a Tsunami happens

Do not go into your basement. Going into your basement can have a big chance of you and your loved ones drowning. You would have to either go farther away, opposite of the coast, or listen to authorities and they will tell you where to go.

Signs of a Tsunami that's about to happen

Beware of earthquakes that happen 20 seconds or more near the coast. Also, if the waves are rapidly rising.