A School to Emulate

Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 8-31-15 through 9-4-15

We Did It!

What a fantastic opening week! The students learned the procedures and expectations, we shaved 15 minutes off of our dismissal time after 1 day, and there was some awesome instruction happening in the classrooms. We saw staff modeling how to work in groups, use of graphic organizers, excellent behavior in the hallways, using academic language, posting and encouraging the use of sentence stems/visuals, building positive relationships with students, and so much more. We are definitely A School to Emulate! Remember that everything we do revolves around our vision. Be sure you are able to articulate what that means to you when you are asked. Lastly, if you haven't already done so, be sure you make a positive phone call to and connection with each parent. This is the 1st step in building a strong partnership.

We have a few school-wide instructional initiatives that will be starting soon. Please note the start dates so that you are prepared.


Guided Reading - Tuesday (9/8)

Intervention & Enrichment (I & E) - Monday (9/14)

English Language Development (ELD) - Monday (9/21)

3rd - 5th

Guided Reading - Monday (8/31)

Intervention & Enrichment (I & E) - Monday (9/8)

English Language Development (ELD) - Monday (9/14)

AVID Fridays is an incentive for student who are meeting the expectations, not a punishment for those who do not. Let's be sure to keep it positive and refrain from using language that would feel punitive. Due to all of the initiatives referenced above that will roll out incrementally in August and September, AVID Fridays will begin on Friday, October 2nd. This will give students plenty of time to develop a system for success.

Below are a few housekeeping items:

The Lounge - Keep it Clean! Be courteous to your colleagues and leave the lounge nicer when you leave than when you arrived.

The Walls - Protect Them! Refrain from placing furniture on the walls to minimize wear and tear. It is extremely costly to repair damages walls. The more we have to pay to repair the building, the less that will be available for your grade level/department budgets.

School Attire - You are representing Memorial and professional dress is the expectation. To promote AVID we wear college shirts and jeans on Wednesdays. To show Bobcat Pride we wear Memorial spirit shirts and jeans on Friday. If you choose to purchase Plano Principal Association (PPA) shirts, you are free to wear the 2015-2016 PPA shirt with jeans on Mondays. We will let you know when order forms are available.

Leave at 3ish - All staff are required to remain on campus until dismissal is complete. Leave at 3 passes are leave at 3 ish passes. We typically finish at around 3:10 pm. If students are not where we are expecting them to be, we may need your help with getting them to the correct place. If your duty ends prior to when dismissal is complete, be courteous to your colleagues and help out where there is a need.

Mondays After School - This time is used for 30 minute professional development set by administration. Once the beginning of the year housekeeping is complete, grade levels will be able to use alternating Mondays after school to meet team needs. The site calendar will be updated within the next two weeks.

If you haven't already joined the PTA it's not too late. The PTA supports our school by providing meals to staff, gifts of appreciation, field trips and assemblies for students, author visits, and wish list items for staff. Membership is only $10 and all members will receive a delicious funnel cake on September 15th.

Reminder that the cafeteria will be closed to all visitors the 1st two weeks of school. If you get questions please remind parents that they are invited to celebrate special occasions and eat lunch with their children beginning Tuesday, September 8th.

If you feel anything like me, you are EXHAUSTED! Enjoy you weekend and get some rest. We will see you Monday morning.


We are so proud of our 1st year teachers (Susanne, Saraid, and Kelly H.)! As well as the staff who are new to Memorial (Veronica C., Martha, Cindy, Tera, Crystal, May, Kerri, and Stephanie)! You have had an amazing week! You have adjusted to the expectations and are setting a wonderful tone for the year. Thank you for your hard work! Send your kudos my way and I will add them here.

What's Happening!

8/31 - New Student MAP Testing & 3rd Grade LU

8/31 - 4th & 5th Grade CMIT Update 3:15 pm

8/31 - 2nd & 3rd ESL Strategies Overview 3:15 pm

9/1 - Mentor/Mentee 3:15 pm

9/2 - Vertical Team PLC 3:15 - 4:30 pm

9/3 - Optional SMART Goals and LCA Training 3:15 pm

Pride's Schedule

8/31 - Training at Sockwell

9/1 - Training at Sockwell

9/2 - iLead Principal Meeting

Happy Birthday

8/31 - Clara

9/3 - Angel

9/6 - Jason

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

We have been in school all week and NO FUNNIES! I was sure I would receive something. I can't wait to start adding the hilarious things kids say to our bulletin. Send them my way.