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January 4 - January 8

District Calendar

Please review the district calendar for January - June below. There are many important dates you may want to add to your 2021 calendar!
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Inclement Weather

As winter progresses, we have already begun to see snow and ice. If we have a weather event, please monitor the radio ,television, social media, or MCS district website to look for delays or cancellations. Listen for Maryville City Schools (not Blount County or Maryville Christian). The district’s automated messaging system will also send out phone calls and e-mails if there is any change to the schedule. If you have had any changes to your phone number, address, e-mail, or emergency pick up, please let the front office know ASAP. Thank you!

Family Resource Center

Maryville City Schools is proud to serve families through our Family Resource Center. The purpose of this agency is to support the learning and well-being of all Maryville students and help strengthen each family’s ability to support the emotional, physical, medical, social, and academic needs of their children by connecting them with available resources and community partners. Click the red bar below to read the January newsletter from the Family Resource Center.

Click the red bar below to read the January edition of the Reading Connections Newsletter


The Tennessee Department of Health issued new Covid isolation and quarantine guidelines recently, which we adopted as required. These new guidelines follow revised guidance from the CDC affecting our students and staff in the following ways:

  1. Asymptomatic individuals will isolate for 10 days instead of 14 days.
  2. Asymptomatic individuals in isolation can reduce the 10 day isolation period to 7 days with a negative test. (contact your school nurse for details)

To clarify:

  • Day #1 of quarantine is the day after you were last exposed.
  • If you have no symptoms after exposure, you are released from quarantine after day #10.
  • If you have no symptoms after exposure AND your PCR test is negative you are released from quarantine after day #7, allowing you to return to school on day #8 (rather than after day #10). This test must be administered on day 6 or after and must be a PCR test - not a rapid test.

This new guidance is now incorporated into our decision trees, FAQ document, and various notification letters. If you wish to review these revised documents, please use the links below.

Following the winter break, parents should notify the school of any positive cases or close contact quarantines during the break. This information will further inform instructional and scheduling plans. PLEASE contact the school by January 4th if your student(s) or family was impacted by COVID during the winter break.

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