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Today we are going to focus on an article about models.

What Is A Model?

A model is something that represents an object,event or an idea. A model is simpler then the real thing, it does not need every single detail.
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Types Of Models

Models do all different things, such as a car model shows how a car reacts without making the real car in testing. This car model is an example of a three-dimensional (3D) model. Another type of model is a diarama. A diarama is a model that shows a scene from an event or place. some other models are globes, maps, and drawings.
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Models in Science

You use models in science when the object you're studying is too small or too far away. Some scientists build a model of the planets because they are too far away. You can use models to figure out if something works.

Making and Using Models

Some models are better than others in certain experiments. To use models first you have to decide what the model will represent. A terrarium holds a living model of land habitat.


  • Models - A models is something that represents an object, event or an idea.
  • Three-Dimensional models (3D) - A 3D model takes up space like the things it represents.
  • diorama - A diorama is a 3D model that shows a scene from an event or a place.
  • terrarium - A terrarium is a model that shows a living thing or non-living things.


What is a model used for?

What are 5 types of models?

Which of these models would be best for finding the names of all Earth's oceans?

A. diorama

B. globe

C. map

D. photograph

If you made a model of the mall what terrarium would you use?

A. pony

B. grass

C. frog

D. bathroom