Repetend 2

Entry #2

October 5, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today, we had to present our argumentative essays in class and then we had class discussions about the opposing sides of each paper. The girls seemed to side with me, while the boys seemed to take an opposing side (for the most part). Of course, the boys' argument was that the dress code was meant for everyone and the girls are just the only ones who break it, making us being the only ones getting in trouble. While this is a great counter argument, the girls had good points to make in return. For example, the rules all outline restrictions on mainly clothing only worn by females such as skirts and dresses. Also, if a boy were to wear a "low cut" shirt, he would be less likely to get in trouble because his chest would not attract as much "unnecessary attention" as a girl's. Everyone eventually agreed to disagree. However, I can tell this isn't over throughout the school. There have been so many girls in trouble for dress code lately. This is causing administration to want to act on the new rules even more.