meeting basic needs

By: melissa Link

basic pyhsical needs

-children need certain things just to surive everyday such as: water, food, air and sleep.

-It is important for a child to have these things to grow naturally and healthy.

-meet your child’s physical and biological needs by providing healthy and nutrious food, a regular wake and sleep routine, cleanliness with baths or showers, health with regular medical checkups and making sure the child gets enough exercise to remain physically fit.

Feeling Safe & Secure

-Feeling secure and safe for a child is very important to them mental not just physically.

-A safe and comfortable home environment can help meet this need.

-Offer emotional support and consolation when your child needs it.

-Practicing self control around your children sets a good example for them.


-Children need to know that they are loved and that they belong.

-Children learn affection by seeing it done by thier parents.

-Ways to show affection: you can provide unconditional love: showing physical affection with hugs, kisses or pats on the back.

- Talk with your child about his or her feelings and needs, and accept that they may be different from your own

Need For Self-Esteem

- the child feels self-confident and like a valuable member of society

-if need is not met the child begins to feel worthless

-You can meet your child’s needs by providing unconditional love and support at home.

- rewarding positive behavior, supporting your child’s decision-making, and helping your child learn to be proud of her body and take pride in her morals and values