Theme: Be Yourself - By:Jenna Kerkaert


Leo-He liked to be in show buissnes. He was also Stargirls only friend. Stargirl-She was unique and herself. Even though not everyone liked her she was still happy. Hillary-She has always been Stargirls main hater.

Kids Pick

My favorite part of the book was when Leo grew up and visited Archie. I loved how Archie went and burried Barney at the end.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs...

Pg.22- I bolted from the truck.Pg.24-The band marched smartly onto the field.Pg.24-The cheerleaders shoulders sagged.Pg.22-Kevin was windmilling his arm.Pg.60-Her eyes bent like instrument dials.


  Stargirl comes to Mica High. Shes alot different than everybody else. As the year starts everyone wants to be like her. She has a pet rat, a unique secse of style, and an enchanted place.   It doesnt turn out like lollipops and rainbows at the end. Her only friends are Dori Dilson and Leo. She ends up moving to Minnesota ,because she relizes nobody likes her. Leo ends up regreting his deciseon.