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Update for December 2016

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As we approach the end of 2016...

Dear Ambassadors,

We know that it has been some time since we last communicated with each other! Our plates have been full working through all of the amazing content that was submitted during our Summer PD.

Our Partnerships have been productive, as well, and also keep us moving in course development for those organizations. These partnerships are producing content that will drive their users to EduPaths.

We know that 2016-17 is off to a slow start - in our communications and outreach to you - but please know that we hold your support near and dear to the success of this project!

To help you recoup some of the time lost due to the November & December cancellations, we would like to invite you to join us on January 13 to an EduPaths Visioning Meeting, from 9 am - 3 pm. This invitation is for a face-to-face meeting, but we also welcome anyone who can join us via Google Hangout. We have been working through many things that will propel EduPaths forward. This is just the type of stuff that you all are experts at!

RSVP to the meeting invitation below by January 6. We will be ordering lunch for those able to join us on site. It would be great to see you as we kick off our New Year!

EduPaths Visioning Meeting - Let's Kick Off the New Year Looking Ahead!

Friday, Jan. 13th 2017 at 9am-3pm

2413 West Maple Avenue

Flint, MI

Join us at our EduPaths Visioning Meeting as we develop our plans for EduPaths 2.0 and beyond. We really hope this works into your schedule.

Before we get together, please provide your feedback on this short survey (3 questions).

If remote, here is our Google Hangout link

We will send our agenda closer to the event

Be sure to RSVP to the link below! Looking forward to gathering with you!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Ambassador Information & Reminders

  • Diane will be ordering EduPaths Jackets for our Ambassadors. Let her know what size you would like her to order for you -
  • Be sure to update your Ambassador Logs as you participate in presentations or trainings for EduPaths.

Resources always available to you. Please let us know if you need updates.

Let us know if you have questions or would like more information on anything EduPaths related. Happy to help!

New Courses Published Since September & others in the pipeline

FYI... our updated list of courses published since September. Feel free to use this information as you visit schools and districts when presenting EduPaths.

Courses Published Since September -
  1. Student Goal Setting

  2. My First Personal Learning Network (PLN)

  3. Introduction to Minecraft

  4. Digital Math Skills

  5. Cyberbullying

  6. Organization and Assessment with Google Forms

  7. Student Self-Assessment

  8. Introduction to Sketchnotes

  9. Open Source and Amazing

  10. Using Desmos in the Math Class

  11. Vocabulary Strategies

  12. Putting the SAMR Model into Practice

  13. SAFARI Montage - Making the Most of Video Streaming and Custom Content

  14. Installing Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Structures in a School

  15. The Student Managed Classroom

  16. Become a PowerTeacher Pro

  17. MiSAYD Certificate and Credential Program

  18. CS First: Coding in the Classroom

  19. Practical Ideas for Incorporating Visuals into the Preschool Classroom

  20. Creating Comics with Google Apps

  21. Using Google Forms as a Formative Assessment Tool in the Math Classroom

  22. Michigan Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality Introduction

  23. Michigan’s Core Knowledge and Core Competencies for the Early Care and Education Workforce

Courses in Review (published by Friday, Dec. 16)

  1. How Emotional Intelligence Affects Students and School Culture

  2. Developing Quality Classroom Discussions

  3. Learning Targets and Success Criteria for World Language Teachers

  4. Technology Integration and Higher Order Thinking in the Elementary

  5. SeeSaw: A Student-Driven Portfolio Tool

  6. Growing Up In the Digital Age

Courses in Development (published by end of month)

  1. Three Motivating Assessment Ideas

  2. Math Journaling to Stimulate Thinking in the Elementary Classroom

  3. An Interactive Math Workshop from Start to Finish

  4. Taking Oprah to the Next Level: Hosting an Online Book Club with Edmodo

Our complete list of courses - those mentioned above and those yet to be developed - are included in this Google Doc. Feel free to use as is most useful for you.

A Brief Mention About Partnerships

You have seen the term Partnerships mentioned a few times in this publication. These have been an ongoing conversation with a number of statewide organizations. Here is a brief recap of those collaborations -

Michigan Department of Civil Rights & Cultural Proficiency
On November 1 & 2, MDE, the Office of Civil Rights and EduPaths teamed up to collaborate with social groups to create online training courses that will empower and equip educators to become proficient with each group. The groups that participated in the 2 day training for developing online content included Native Americans, Arab Americans, African Americans, Asian-Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, and Hispanic/Latinos. The training was productive. We await content from these groups.

Early Literacy Project
EduPaths is producing modules for Michigan Literacy Coaches. The modules tentatively schedule for development:
  • Early Literacy Module 1 - Overview of Essentials and Specialized Literacy Knowledge
  • Early Literacy Module 2 - Adult Learning and Building Relationships
  • Early Literacy Module 3 - Coaching Practices
  • Early Literacy Module 4 - Coaching Practices

Storyboarding and development for the first module is schedule for January with the rest of the modules being developed in February-May 2017.

Out-of-School Time/After School Parnership

Two courses are already published for After School / OST staff. These courses are:

Representatives from MDE are really pushing EduPaths as a platform for training for afterschool/OST staff. EduPaths has presented at the Afterschool Conference in November at MDE's request, and will be presenting the to Project Director Institute in January 2017. We are working with the David P. Weikert Center for Youth Program Quality (national organization) to develop courses around Family Engagement, due to be published in February/March 2017.

Early Childhood/Office of Great Start

A course for the standandards for early childhood professionals is published on EduPaths.

We are also working with the Office of Great Start at MDE on additional orientation trainings to be housed on EduPaths in Spring 2017.

LearningForward Michigan

LearningForward Michigan has partnered with EduPaths to develop courses around LearningForward's Professional Learning Standards that have been adopted by MDE. LearningForward MI is creating content that provides an overview of the standards, and then focuses on each of the standards in greater depth. There will be eight 60-minute courses associated with this series. We are in the preliminary stages of course development, and have some very good content. LearningForward will also be working through EduPaths to develop a short module that introduces Inquiry-Based Learning, and a Micro-Credentialing system.

Opportunities to Reflect on Where We've Been & What We've Done

The end of the year is always a great opportunity to reflect on where we've been and what we've accomplished. So much of our success is directly related to you, our Ambassadors, and the role you've played in promoting, presenting, and training at conferences and your local districts.

  • The EduPaths team was solidified the first week of January.
  • Our first introduction to Canvas was when we started that week!
  • We created our Course Specs Document, the EduPaths Rubric, and published our first set of courses for SCECHs - the first of many to come!
  • Our first Ambassador update on February 8, 2016.
  • EduPaths launched on Digital Learning Day, February 17 via Twitter Chat!
  • In March, Ken introduced the EduPaths Transcript to verify course completion.
  • We produced and published website navigation tutorials & visual aids for applying for SCECHs.
  • We developed an internal system for SCECH review and feedback to EduPaths users.
  • Our weekly Twitter Chat launched in March.
  • EduPaths had it's first introduction at MACUL, MRA, along with other statewide conferences!
  • Preliminary Summer PD plans were under development in March as we began to reach out to future content developers around the state! Plans and sites were finalized mid-April.
  • We continued to provide useful information and resources to Ambassadors through the Ambassador Updates - including SWIVL tutorials, Google Presentations, reminders of upcoming events, and other items that needed your attention.
  • Introduction to EduPaths Course Creation course was developed and launched as the online part of the Summer Content Creator's training.
  • Ambassadors began to promote and recruit for the Summer PD hosted at the 10 sites around Michigan. It was fun to watch the friendly competition!
  • Course were publishing weekly, and it was exciting to keep up with the demand for free SCECHs!
  • We've adopted and begun to implement the use of a Project Management tool, Airtable, which allows us to track all projects - from the time they are contracted with to the time the contract is paid and the course published.
  • In August, we contracted with a new data group to collect information for users in EduPaths - Panorama.
  • In August/September, our course development turned fully to creating content using Articulate Storyline.
  • Danielle worked diligently on several partnerships that have been keeping us very busy - Early Literacy, Early Childhood/Office of Great Start, Michigan Out of School Time, LearningForward of Michigan, and the Department of Civil Rights.
  • This summer we visited 10 ISD sites, 2 days each, and worked with amazing educators (and you) who created some wonderful content for us!
  • Hats off to our summer sites: Oakland Schools, Muskegon ISD, Clinton County RESA, Wayne RESA, Traverse Bay ISD, Kalamazoo RESA, Alpena ESD, Saginaw ISD, EUP ISD and Marquette-Alger RESA.
  • Our EduPaths Course Creation course has been completely redesigned and updated. We now have Introduction to EduPaths Course Creation 2.0. This course is required for anyone seeking to create content for EduPaths moving forward.
  • Since September, our noses have been to the grindstone - working diligently to get the summer courses published!

We have NO DOUBT that we left some things out! But, we would be remiss to omit thanking our support here, at Genesee ISD, for their hard work and administration of all of the things they needed to track for us. Thank you to Diane Wright & Cristy Bearden, specifically, and the rest of the GISD Team!


Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, and Molly Bruzewski

Winter Weather is FINALLY here!

Be safe! Stay put, if you don't need to go! Drive slowly! You all are very important to us!
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