Power-Up Tuesday Resources

Hebron High School Formative Assessment Tools [1.12.16]

Thank you for attending Power-Up Tuesday at HHS on 1.12.16! It was a great opportunity for Lori, Gerrod, and me to get to explore formative assessment tools with all of you. We are currently sorting through the Exit Tickets. If you did not indicate on your Exit Ticket that you would like a follow-up appointment with the instructional technology facilitator or your content facilitator, please email me at crawfordj@lisd.net, and we'll get you set up!

In this S'more you'll find the resources & links from all 5 of the stations.

*If you were absent to PUT and not given an exemption, please contact me to schedule a make-up session.*

Tech Stations


Get live results and give instant feedback with GoFormative.com. View the station handout here!


Explore EDpuzzle.com's station handout to see how your students can demonstrate their understanding while watching a video. Add questions, links, images, and more!

Self-Paced/Multiple Tools

The self-paced tech station focused on 4 tools: Mentimeter, Socrative, PollEverywhere, & Kahoot. See the handout by clicking on the button above.

Low-Tech Stations


Only ONE device is needed for this powerful formative assessment tool. Easy to get started & use! Your test drive is one click away!

Self-Paced Handout

View the handout for the low-tech self-paced station.

Self-Paced ABC's Resources

The low-tech self-paced station explored a plethora of low/no-tech formative assessment ideas. Quick & easy to use; there's something for everyone in this great resource!