News from Principal Suchocki

Updates for the Month of August 2019

Welcome Back!


I would like to personally welcome back all returning families and all new incoming family members to Tenth Street Elementary School. We are excited about what lies ahead for the 2019/2020 school year.

Here are a few important outlined informational items:

Student's Attendance and Support: As we push forward through our new school year you will hear often the importance with the accountability piece that is connected to both our Monthly Food Distributions and Weekend Backpacks. In order for us to maintain our resources and support from our community partners who are striving to help improve our families quality of lives, we must be accountable ourselves as a learning community to achieve the one critical component for improvement and that is the increased growth percentage with our overall school's attendance.

New K-4 School Building: Now that we have transitioned over to a K-4 school building that means we are now including our students in Kindergarten as part of our school's attendance cohort. The State of Indiana has now included the improvement of our overall student attendance percentage into our school's letter grade given out by the Indiana Department of Education.

The Power of our Volunteers: On a positive note, we have a wonderful, supportive team of volunteers from both the Eastside Church of God and St. Vincent's Regional Hospital who is working with us to help improve our student's attendance and family support. We have worked to create a strong, consist partnership with both entities to help support one of the Tenth Street Elementary School's goals in our three-year strategic plan.

Our Awesome Staff Members: Here at Tenth Street Elementary School, our staff members meet weekly to collaborate and discuss best practices for instructional learning and analyze student data. Furthermore, we have a strong base of support staff members who help bring additional Tier Level of intervention support daily to our students. Again, we have all hands on deck to help achieve our expectations for our student's achievement growth, but we can't do this alone.

Thanks again for everyone's support. If we model to our students that we are working as a team collectively then they will learn to understand that it takes a village to productively strive to work for excellence.

Big picture

Why we are the BEST! Tenth Street Elementary School Staff

Over the last week and a half, we continue to work with our approximately 200 incoming Kindergartners and 1st Grade students who have never stepped foot at Tenth Street Elementary School to their new educational home. Yes, this can be a challenge at times, especially when they are between 4-7 years of age, but we are getting there.

Yet, as a learning community of educators and support staff, we take pride when it comes to us wrapping our hearts around our students and work to begin the early stages of building their trust and assurance of structure for them to learn and grow.

Yes, this will be a process and I have the utmost confidence that my staff will collectively embrace this process with consistency and determination. Just know, we are not a perfect learning community and never will claim to be so, but our passion and grit for excellence continue to push us to be the best! This is why our Tenth Street Family of educators and support staff stands by our slogan "Bringing Excellence To Students."

Now, we are asking help from our K-4 students' families to support us by making sure your child or children are at school on time and present each day. We ask that you strive to nurture their thirst for knowledge by reading with them at least 20 minutes a night. We ask that you plant the seed of importance in your child or children that learning is the BIGGEST investment of their lives.

We asked that they understand that teachers are "Superheros" and you are teaming up with them as "Superheros" yourselves to bring excellence to them. We asked that you be involved as positive stakeholders that bring positive influences to our school's culture and climate. If we collectively do so, then we will be UNSTOPPABLE for what matters the most, our students! #BringingExcellenceToStudents#ACSMakingADifference

Tenth Street Elementary School