Crystal Morgan

The Las Vegas summer storm

About Crystal M.

My mom is a gardener and loves bright colors and loves crafts.washe also loves plants and she loves cooking homemade food.she is smart and talented.she has lots of succulents.she is always cooking and planting plants

Her lesson..................

Crystal Morgan

She was going out on the lake and she noticed that the sky was gray and as she went of the dock it started raining and they went back to the dock and it started hailing and they ran until they saw every thing boats the dock everything was split and ripped in half as the walked the dock split in half with her her brother and her grandma all stuck on the opisite side as her grandpa and grandpa jumped in and swam across to the other sites of the dock that was not the end she ran until she seen police and water guards blocking the way to get on land the dock was split and they said there was power lines in the water don't swim and that's exactly what grandpa did jump in and swim he carried all of them to land one by one and he got aressted and they got him out of jail

Callie Morgan

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