Education and Opportunity

Chandler Hill and Justice Hutson


Education is important because it leads to more opportunities in life.

Quotes From Famous People

Benjamin Franklin

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Horace Mann

"A Human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated."


"Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats beauty and the youth."


We Can Be Anything by

WE CAN BE ANYTHING - [Official Video]

Relationship to Theme

This song written by one of the members of the Black Eyed Peas mentions the importance of getting an education and "changing your situation" so that you can get a better, higher level and better paying job to be successful.


You can be a doctor,
You can be a governor,
You can be a professor,
You can be a leader
All you got to do is dream
You can be anything
Get your education
Change you situation

'cause if I can do a thing, then you can do it
And together we can push it up the mountain
Do it!
So if I can get a thing, then you can get it
And together we can live it,

'cause there is no limit

You can be a hero,
Don't be a zero
You can live the big things
You can do the big things
Get your graduation
Earn your occupation

Mga kababayan ko
Magsamahn tayo
Mga kababayan ko
Magsamahn tayo

Apl.De.Ap (rap)
I know I can,
I know you can
Let's get together and make a plan
You'll get better like cannon head
Help each other out understand
All of us together inside this land
Working together that's our mater plan
If you believe say YES I CAN !!
If you believe say YES I CAN !!

You can be a leader
You can be a hero
You can be a leader
You can be a hero

Bruno Mars Parody About Education by Teon

Bruno Mars Education Song

Importance of Education

This song that is sung by Teon from the Citizens Academy sings a parody of a Bruno Mars song to show what education means to him. Teon and his classmates know what it means to have an education because it is the key to their future. The understand the importance of learning in school so they can graduate and open up the door to more opportunities later in their life.

Significant Lyrics

I am loyal to my future and

I have a master plan

I’m giving all I have to my

Schoolwork and exams

Cause my future’s in

My hands can’t you see

Opportunities by The Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities

I've Got The Brains

This song written by an 80's band uses the idea of having brains and look to be successful and rich. Being educated and having brains is all they need to be able to do anything. Without any education they wouldn't be able to "program a computer" or be a "don" which are a few things that they mention in their song.


I've got the brains, you've got the looks
Let's make lots of money
You've got the brawn, I've got the brains
Let's make lots of -

I've had enough of scheming and messing around with jerks
My car is parked outside, I'm afraid it doesn't work
I'm looking for a partner, someone who gets things fixed
Ask yourself this question: Do you want to be rich?

I've got the brains, you've got the looks
Let's make lots of money
You've got the brawn, I've got the brains
Let's make lots of money

You can tell I'm educated, I studied at the Sorbonne
Doctored in mathematics, I could have been a don
I can program a computer, choose the perfect time
If you've got the inclination, I have got the crime

Oh, there's a lot of opportunities
If you know when to take them, you know?
There's a lot of opportunities
If there aren't, you can make them
Make or break them

I've got the brains, you've got the looks
Let's make lots of money
Let's make lots of -
(Aahhhhh) Money
(Aahhhhh - Di du da di da bu di ba)

You can see I'm single-minded, I know what I could be
How'd you feel about it, come and take a walk with me?
I'm looking for a partner, regardless of expense
Think about it seriously, you know, it makes sense

Let's (Got the brains)
Make (Got the looks)
Let's make lots of money (Oohh money)
(Let's) You've got the brawn
(Make) I've got the brains
Let's make lots of money (Oohh money)

I've got the brains (Got the brains)
You've got the looks (Got the looks)
Let's make lots of money (Oohh money)


Education Pays

Results of Education
Path to Success


"The Benefits of Higher Education" by The NHHEAF Organization

This excerpt emphasizes the theme by summarizing results from studies showing that because of people furthering their education, there are many more job opportunities opening up to them into life.

Excerpt: "Studies have shown that benefits, beyond financial, to furthering education include an increased ability to think critically and analytically, express oneself more clearly orally and in writing, analyze and compute more effectively, and make knowledgeable and sound decisions. Also, greater job opportunities in a rapidly changing world are available to college graduates. It is projected that the jobs we know today will be non-existent ten years from now and that jobs of the future will be far more dependent on brain power than muscle power, making education beyond high school more crucial."

The Results of Higher Education by Aveta Business Institute

This is an excerpt from the Aveta Business Institute, stating that the advancement of a future career is usually only possible through a higher education. If you stay in a lower level of education and then try to find a career, you can find one however you might be stuck at the lower end of your profession with no where to go because you didn’t accomplish a higher degree of education.

Excerpt: "The correlation between higher education and career advancement is no secret. A spectacular education is in everyone’s best interest, not to mention the increase in salary that usually comes with an increase in education. Career advancement is very important, especially to those people who have been working in the same industry, perhaps even for the same company, for some time. If they were unable to finish their education, this could be the key to further success and progression in their career. They might want to take their education further, obtaining a Master's or Doctorate, if they have already earned their Associate's and Bachelor's degrees."


Ellis Marsalis Center for Music

Opportunity Through Music Education ‒ Avid®

This organization offers instruments to students to not only teach them music but also other academics. They offer a chance for the students to learn through music and also valuable skills that they can use to find a career in music. Therefore this organization is teaching skills to these students so they have more opportunities in life to build a career and a decent income.


Opening Doors of Opportunity: helping Afghan girls continue their education

CARE is an international humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring lasting change in their communities. They help bring education to them so they can have an opportunity in life to become something. This organization helps educate adolescent girls in Afghanistan. This is a big deal because in that country, girls don’t usually go to school because of their culture. Also with their situation, they don’t have many educated teachers or supplies or even a place to have an actual school day. So this program gives them everything they need and educated teachers so they can go to high school and then sometimes college so they can become health workers and teachers


The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children by Gloria Ladson-Billings


"Ladson-Billing's portraits, interwoven with personal reflections, challenge readers to envision intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant classrooms that have the power to improve the lives of not just African American students but all children. Quality education remains an elusive dream for most African American children. Historically, they have been denied schooling, subject to separate and unequal education, and forced into unsafe, unhealthy, substandard schools. In The Dreamkeepers, Gloria Ladson-Billings explores the positive signs for the future. Who are the successful teachers of African American students? What do they do? And how can we learn from them? Her portraits of eight exemplary teachers who differ in personal style and methods but share an approach to teaching that affirms and strengthens cultural identity are inspiring and full of hope. Written in three voices—that of an African American scholar and researcher, an African American teacher, and an African American parent and active community member, this book is a mixture of scholarship and storytelling. Ladson-Billing's portraits, interwoven with personal reflections, challenge readers to envision intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant classrooms that have the power to improve the lives of not just African American students, but all children. Education, like electricity, needs a conduit, a teacher, through which to transmit its power-- i.e., the discovery and continuity of information, knowledge, wisdom, experience, and culture. Through the stories and experiences of eight successful teacher-transmitters, The Dreamkeepers keeps hope alive for educating young African Americans."

Connection to Theme

This book is about eight different teachers that make it their mission to educate these kids that don't have the opportunity to go to school. They are constantly neglected by society. With help from these teachers, the kids are able to see some hope for their future. Education is what is going to make a difference in these kids lives.

Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel Demille


"The world's problems can be summed up in just a few words: lack of leadership. While the world is in desperate need of leaders very few people have the tools to become one. Oliver and Rachel DeMille's Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning is the manual that every person who aspires to be an effective leader, or to raise one, needs. Principled decision-making, the cultivation of character, studying the classics, and using critical thinking skills are just a few of the lost educational virtues of today restored by this book. An in-depth look at the philosophy and phases of education are indispensable when creating leaders. This book will help any family find the direction they are looking for when pursuing leadership education. This book teaches not only the theories behind Thomas Jefferson Education but also the practical application of these theories for you and your children. If we apply the philosophy contained in Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning then we will transform not only our families and our classrooms, but the world."

Connection to Theme

This is an excerpt that focuses more on the side of the educators and how they can lead students to a better future. This is a book that talks about the importance of leadership and someone taking a stand to teach the philosophy that is within this book so that we can achieve the successful transformation of the world into a more educated place.

Movies and Video Clips

President Obama on the Importance of Education

President Obama on the Importance of Education

The President himself explains the importance of education and how it leads to opportunities not only for you and your family but for the whole country as well.

The Blind Side, John Lee Hancock

The Blind Side #6 Movie CLIP - I'm A Democrat (2009) HD

This is a clip from the Blindside where this mother and her family took a teenager into their family because he had nowhere else to go. She has hired a tutor for the teenager, Michael, because he has a passion for football but can not play college ball until his grades are better. If Michael can get better educated in school and raise his grades, he will have more opportunities such as playing college football, and even choose what school he wants to play on and possible even play pro ball after college. However none of these doors will open to him if his education doesn’t get any better.

Coach Carter- A Better Life

Coach Carter (5/9) Movie CLIP - A Better Life (2005) HD

This is a video of Coach Carter giving the players statistics on their futures if they continue down the path that they are on. However if they change and continue to work hard, they can beat the statistics and be successful and graduate school so they can go to college.