Life Of Rosezetta Baldwin

Rosie, Rosetta Stone, Rozay, Stone, Stoney


  • November 4, 1996
  • Houston, Texas


  • Mother is Pauletta Raymond
  • Brother Is Joseph Baldwin


  • Favorite childhood memory was growing up with a lot of cousins. They would always be around and had fun together.
  • Favorite hobby(s) are dancing, stepping, playing basketball and taking pictures.
  • Favorite food is Mexican. Mainly the Chile Con Queso!!
  • Favorite place to go is the mall.

Life/Career Goals

  • Graduate college with a degree in photography.
  • Get a good paying job as a photographer.
  • Married with 1 or 2 kids.

More Information

  • Seeing her friends working to reach their dreams & seeing them work hard motivates her to do the same as well.
  • Her friends influence her. They always have a great mind and positive vibes.
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