Here is what we have learnt about worms

Giant Gippsland Earthworm
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*Worms like soft dirt to dig in.

*They have no backbones-invertebrates

*Worms don't have teeth.

*They are pink and brown.

*Worms are delicate.

*Gippsland worms can be as long as 4m long.

*They dig burrows for plants to get water.

*Worms have 5 hearts.

*They don't have legs.

*They can wiggle their way through the dirt.

*They don't have ears.

*They 2 700 different kinds of worms.

*The Clitellum is the thick part of the worm that carries the eggs.

*Worms eat bananas.

*They have 1 brains.

*The smallest worm is 1 cm long.

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Worm Eggs

These are the worm cocoons that the worms lay. Inside each cacoon there is about 5-12 eggs. When they are first layed they are a pale yellow colour. As they mature they turn a darker colour. Worm eggs are usually hatch in summer.