SAS Institute 2016

Personalized Learning: Empowering Teachers and Learners

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Registration is open now! Expand Your Personalized Learning Horizons!

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is pleased to sponsor the 2016 SAS Institute, Personalized Learning: Empowering Teachers and Learners. The December 4- 6, 2016, event will center around these four precepts of personalized learning:

  • Learning is Personal
  • Learning is Competency-Based
  • Learning Happens Anytime, Anywhere
  • Students Take Ownership Over Their Learning

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PDE SAS Institute: Personalized Learning: Empowering Teachers and Learners

Sunday, Dec. 4th, 12am to Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 12am

325 University Drive

Hershey, PA

AT the SAS Institute, you can…

  • Hear Secretary Pedro Rivera's welcoming remarks
  • Listen to Keynote Bea McGarvey as she kicks off Monday morning with her insights into mass customized learning
  • Attend an Ignite session to learn what personalized learning initiatives our Pennsylvania schools are implementing
  • Select from among almost 100 breakout sessions to gain a larger perspective on the personalized learning journeys from among dozens of Pennsylvania schools
  • Applaud the selection of 2016 Pennsylvania’s Teacher of the Year


For a detailed listing of all sessions, go to

Mass Customized Learning

From the book "Inevitable" (Schwahn & McGarvey, 2010), the video below shares how one learner might plan her customized learning schedule.