1st grade Newsletter

Miss Vaughn's Class

Week of February 15-19

Hello Families!! 1st grade is flying by at lightening speed! We are very excited to be meeting our goals and setting our expectations higher!!

Reading- We are talking all about Character Traits this week with our focus on how they change throughout the story! Another focus of our reading this week will be "main" character and how they play a special part in our stories.

Math- We have begun our new transitions through math workshop and they are going great! We did a check in the first day to see how our expectations were and where we could make improvements. This week we will look at subtraction strategies and attributes of shapes!

Writing- We are working on "bolstering arguments" this week as we look closely at our opinions and how we can convince our readers! We will talk about how to disagree politely and how to still listen even if we disagree!

Science/Social Studies- We are moving into a unit all about the history of American in Social Studies and we will learn all about President Lincoln and Washington in the month of February. In Science, we are focusing on our local ecosystems!

Important Dates Coming up:

February 12- Early Release Day @ 12:05

February 15- Snow Day Make-Up (Regular School Hours 7:45-3:05)

February 19- Null Night @ the Ambush Game

-Miss Vaughn