Alyssa Madera



Who is your best friend? Most people say it's their dogs because of the attachment they have. Shih Tzu's are an example of best friends for life!

Facts about Shih Tzu's

Shih Tzu's can live up to 10-20 years the average dog life span is 10-12 years . Smaller breed dogs live longer than the bigger breed dogs. Shih Tzu's can weigh up to 9-11 pounds and can gain weight easily. The length of a Shih Tzu when it's full grown is 11 inches.

What a Shih Tzu looks like

Shih Tzu's come in all kinds of colors. For example, gold, black, brown, grey, white, and brindle red. The nose they have look like a liver red color and is small. Their eyes are the color brown and they look round.

In conclusion if your looking for a best friend for life, Shih Tzu's are the answer. They are a small breed dog that like to play, protect, and keep you company. I wonder if I would ever have a Shih Tzu.