Time For a Website Redesign?

Doing business with a handshake and a smile.

A Little About Me

My name is Lee Pettijohn and there are several things you should know about me before you continue reading.

  • I am a real person helping real businesses
  • I am a husband and a father
  • I am a business owner
  • I have a passion to help small businesses

Big Business or Small Business?

I have been a web designer and in the digital marketing field for several years. I have worked with large national corporations and small businesses across the country and I have to admit that I enjoy helping small businesses much more. I have found that small businesses adapt to the marketplace much easier and much more effectively because they are much more agile and responsive to customer needs.

What Can I Offer?

What Is My Specialty?

Golf!!! (Just kidding)

What I primarily specialize in is website design and development.

I feel drawn to this industry particularly because it's a platform that business owners have full control over. In order to capitalize on this, business owners need to have a website they can, not only, be proud of but one that provides them the functionality to offer what their customers need on an ongoing and continual basis. In order to help owners achieve their goals, I have to offer the most affordable pricing but also a platform that looks professional and can expand to include the functionality they need as their business expands also.

How Much? ....... $1,500 Gets You What You Need!

Because I have been designing and developing websites for several years, I have had many different pricing models, but none seemed to offer the best value at the most affordable costs ... until now. My pricing is set at $1,500 and includes the following:

  • Professional design
  • Home page with slideshow and widget areas
  • Customizable SEO capabilities
  • Up to 25 pages of content provided by you (A typical website should have no less than 5 pages; Home, About, Products/Services, Gallery, and Contact)
  • Custom forms for your business
  • Blog, category and tag setup
  • Social media sharing and navigation buttons
  • Contact page that includes an online form, contact information and a map
  • A custom sidebar for all inclusive pages

What's the Catch?

No catch. Honestly. The only reason I am able to offer this much for such a reasonable cost is because I have become extremely efficient at building and creating websites that the time involved for me is minimal which means that when I have your information, you are able to have a fully functioning website within a few weeks.
I hope that you can sense my sincerity through these words and know that my intention is to help your business reach its full potential with as little cost as possible. Please contact me today by replying or give me a ring on the phone and I would love to sit down with you for coffee and talk about your goals for your own business. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Get a Hold of Me!!

In the world of phones and Facebook and instant messaging, email is the best way to contact me. Drop me a line and let me know how I can help you today.