Biking in Waswanipi

For Secondary P.E. Students 1-5 BOYS-GIRLS

New addition to the Waswanipi P.E. Equipment rooms (Elementary-Secondary)

The school administration has acquired 53 used bikes from Pleins Rayons in Cowansville with the support from Dale Mackenzie and Ron Canuel from the Canadian Education Association (CEA).
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About Free Wheeling

Pleins Rayons est un organisme sans but lucratif, fondé par Stéphan Marcoux, qui a pour but d'offrir l'opportunité aux personnes ayant un DI/TSA d'apprendre la mécanique de vélos en restaurant des vélos usagés.

De plus, le programme accueille des jeunes qui fréquentent les écoles primaires et secondaires. L'objectif est d'initier les enfants à la mécanique et aux loisirs thérapeutiques tel que le cyclisme.

Toutes les bicyclettes restaurées seront distribuées dans les écoles primaires et secondaires de la région Brome-Missisquoi et dans les communautés autochtones du nord du Québec.

Freewheeling is an non-profit organisation, founded by Stéphan Marcoux whose purpuse is to provide an opportunity for people with an intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum to learn the bike mechanics on used bikes.

In addition, the program welcomes kids in elementary and secondary schools to learn about the mechanics and therapeutic recreation such as cycling.

All restored bicycles will be distributed in primary and secondary schools in the Brome-Missisquoi and native communities in northern Quebec.


Founded in 1891, the Canadian Education Association (CEA) is a network of passionate educators advancing ideas for greater student and teacher engagement in public education.

CEA does this by conducting research and spreading useful ideas through its publications, website, workshops, symposia, and social media channels; supporting education systems to be more adaptive to the rapidly changing needs of all learners in an effort to reverse the trends of students ‘tuning out’ of their learning opportunities.



The Canadian Education Association connected Stephan Marcoux, a true bike passionate to us here in Waswanipi.

We are grateful to our school administration to accept that Dany Leduc, our French History teacher to become our Master Mechanic to maintain our bikes in good working order.

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W.J.H.M.S. Teacher Dany Leduc

In 2004, Dany Leduc was my riding partner on my most challenging bike trip ever. We were completely autonomous in terms of food and camping gear.

We rode our bikes from Waswanipi to Trois-Rivières (700kms) in 4 and a half days. The most impressive thing about Dany is that, a week later, Dany was biking in solo the James Bay Hwy from Waswanipi to Chisasibi (1200kms).

We are excited to have such a quality and true bike lovers to advise us on our Biking initiation to our students in Waswanipi.

Waswanipi - Trois-Rivières Bike ride 3
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Dear students,

We (Samuel and Marc), are very excited to ride our new used bikes with you during our P.E. classes but we want you to know that SAFETY is our number 1 concern.

We have not yet received the helmets but you will have to wear your helmets at all time. We ride all one behind another and no side by side riding. We use proper signals to inform our turning and or stoping. We always ride on the right side of the road even the gravel roads.

Make sure you adjust your bike seat in the gymnasium before departure so that your leg is almost in full extension while riding. Make sure you test the break system and gears also before departure.

You can not ride with earphone in your ears. Enjoy the ride and attempt to elevate your heart rate above 70% of your maximum.


  • Go With the Traffic Flow.
  • Ride on the right side of the road in the same direction as other vehicles...
  • Stay one behind each other. No side by side riding. No riding on the side walks
  • Obey All Traffic Laws. A bicycle is a vehicle and you're a driver.
  • Yield to Traffic When Appropriate.
  • Be Predictable. ...Use the hand signals with your left hand so cars know what you are doing.
  • Stay Alert at All Times. Use your senses (ears, eyes) No head phones in the ears.
  • Look Before Turning. ...
  • Watch for Parked Cars.


Our bikes are not new but the Free Wheeling Team have put a lot of effort in reconditioning these bikes and give them a second life.

Dany Leduc, our Secondary French History teacher and will be our Maintenance Master. He will repair bikes as needed during the biking season. He may request your help from time to time to help him maintain the bikes in good working order. The WOP students may also be involved in repairing and learning about Bike mechanics as part of their work experience.

They will need your help! It is very important that you inform your P.E. teacher at the end of a ride to mention to us about any adjustments that would make a particular bike run better.

We will soon receive a Bike Maintenance Tool kit that will allow us to fix our bikes ourselves. Please offer your help to Dany Leduc.


Dress appropriately for biking outdoors. Soon, it will be a good idea to even wear small gloves.

As you enter the gymnasium;

  • Adjust your seat and look for tools to do it.
  • Verify breaks and gears.
  • When everyone is ready, we meet outside and wait for each other
  • We line-up in a single file.
  • Be aware of the person in front of you and inform the person behind you.
  • Follow the class, always on the right side of the road. Keep up with the pace as best you can.
  • Enjoy the ride and the fresh air!

W.J.H.M.S. Physical Education Bikes

The document below list all the bikes we have for the entire secondary school. You can view the bikes by clicking the document below. We also have a Google Form for bike users to facilitate the Post-Ride Comments. Please use it to facilitate the communication between Bike Users and our Bike Repair Team.


Below is more information on the P.E. web page for our school. Check it out!

How to reach us

W.J.M.S. P.E. stands for Willie John Happyjack Memorial School Physical Education. We are part of the Cree School Board and located in Waswanipi, Québec, Canada. We believe in the Neuroscience facts that P.E. is a crucial aspect of the development of our students.