Mohandas Movement

Join the Fight!

Come join the Indian Independence Movement!

Led By Mohandas Gandhi, we are ready to peacefully protest our way to freedom!

Nonviolence is not allowed- we are doing this completely peacefully!

Britain has controlled India long enough- nearly 200 years of this! It is time for us to take charge of our own country. The Indian National Congress is strong and ready to fight for our rights! We will be second-class citizens NO LONGER. We refuse to support Britain any longer. Together, we will win our freedom!

What are we Doing?

Come and support the cause!

What: The peaceful protest gathering to fight for India's Independence from Great Britain

Where: India (Or the coast of the Indian Ocean for the Salt March Celebration)

When: August 15, 1947

Why You Should Come:

What to Bring: Bring yourself dressed in simple clothes, protest signs (if you wish), and your will for freedom!

To R.S.V.P: Send a notice by letter to the Indian National Congress to notify them of your support! Or, just come on down!

Mohandas Movement Contact Information

We will be holding protests on the coast of the Indian Ocean for salt rights and we will also be holding multiple peaceful protests such as boycotts and fasts in multiple areas. Please come join as many as you wish!