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Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade Classroom

News and Notes

Thursday, February 4 and Friday, February 5 are Professional Development Days for teachers. There is no school for students.

Wednesday, February 10th - Progress Reports Available on Portal

Friday, February 12th - Spelling Bee - Go Liam!

March 7, 8, 9th - Human Growth and Development. Information went home in your child's Thursday Folder. Please notify our school nurse if you do not want your child to participate in the program.

Friday, March 18th - Art Field Trip (Jaeger and Howley Classes Only) Remember to submit your permission slip

Friday, May 27th - Philadelphia Field Trip (details below)


Last week we launched our Historical Fiction novel, Toliver's Secret. I will read aloud many chapters to students and model reading strategies and other times students will be reading independently and practice applying those strategies on their own. Our big emphasis on this unit is discussing a character's impact on the growth of our main character. For each character we will discuss the relationship to Ellen Toliver (our protagonist), discuss why we feel the author created this character and then imagine how the story might be different without that character.

At times during the next two weeks, students will be assigned to read or reread a chapter in their book for homework. I am recommending to students that they bring their book home every night, just in case they are absent from school, they can still stay caught up with the class. Which, is I am sure every child's dream situation - to stay home from school and still do the work ;0)

Philadelphia Field Trip

Friday, May 27th, 7:30am-3pm

525 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Last week students were introduced to the book Shark VS Train to help students weigh in on their opinion of who would win the epic battle. We used the discussion from this book to launch our Opinion Writing Unit. Students played a few rounds of "Would you rather..." with their peers and supported their response with reasons, just as they will do in their writing piece. We then looked at the 4-Square graphic organizer and worked in teams to identify reasons that dogs are the best pet to own.

This week students will look at sample 5th grade opinion essays and create a chart that documents the "ohhhs" and "ewwws" of the writing. Students will then select a topic to write their essay on and begin to brainstorm their ideas on the organizer.

See the photos below of students working on their group organizers to determine two additional reasons and 'tell mores' that a particular pet is the best to have.

Ask your child:

What is a thesis statement?

Where does the thesis statement go in the essay?

What do you think you will write about?

Do you think the 4-square organizer will be helpful to you as a writer?


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video

Philadelphia Field Trip

Our Philadelphia Field Trip has been booked for Friday, May 27th! Students will be doing a self-guided (with parents) tour of historic Philadelphia. Once we arrive and unload the buses (around 9:00am) students begin their "scavenger hunt" of historic places, interesting statues, museums, and landmarks. During the scavenger hunt, you may be asked to take a "selfie" with a statue, chant "We the people!", or document key information in your passport. Following lunch you get to tour the Constitution Center and explore the interactive exhibits with your team. The day ends with a movie titled, We the People in a circular theatre at the Constitution Center. Around 1:15 we board the buses and head back to school.

We encourage as many parents to attend who are able to take time off from work or who have the day open for our 5th grade adventure. Parents are encouraged to car pool (there have been many 'party vans' in the past) and do not have to travel on the school bus with us. Please remember, in order to participate you MUST have your clearances in good standing with central office.

If you have your clearances and want me to add you to my 'list' please RSVP using the link below. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like me to hold you a spot while you are working on your clearances.