Happenings at the McClain Library

Oh! I Remember You!

Sometimes We Forget

I generally like to focus on the newest in the library-the just published fiction book, the latest online database, or maybe a still shiny reference set-but sometimes I think it's a good idea to stop and remind myself what the McClain has had on its literal and virtual selves for a while. A look back at products the library has had for a spell is a bit like seeing an old friend that hasn't been seen in a while...kind of comfortable and familiar.

And Now for My Fiction Plug

Jump Into the Sky by Shelley Pearsall FIC P3611J

Levi Battle's been left behind all his life. His mother could sing like a bird and she flew away like one, too. His father left him with his grandmother so he could work as a traveling salesman—until Levi's grandmother left this world entirely. Now Levi's staying with his Aunt Odella while his father is serving in the U.S. Army. But it's 1945, and the war is nearly over, and Aunt Odella decides it's time for Levi to do some leaving of his own. Before he can blink, Levi finds himself on a train from Chicago to Fayettville, North Carolina, where his father is currently stationed—last they knew.

So begins an eye-opening, life-changing journey for Levi. First lesson: there are different rules for African Americans in the South than there are in Chicago. And breaking them can have serious consequences. But with the help of some kind strangers, and despite the hindrances of some unkind ones, Levi makes his way across the United States—searching for his father and finding out about himself, his country, and what it truly means to belong. --Amazon
See y'all in the library!