Murican History 1

Angus McDiarmid

Important figures and other stuff

1. George Washington: first commander in chief

2. John Adams: Key political figure, founding father, president

3.Thomas Jefferson: Wrote declaration of independance

4.Ben Franklin: Founding father, key figure

5.Andrew Johnson: President


1.cotton gin: increased production

2.gatling gun: murderous weapon

3.locomotive: transportation

4.telegraph: information and communication

5.barbed wire: allowed settling of west


1.civil war: split nation

2.Revolution: created free U.S

3. french indian war: created british debt

4.indian conflicts: fights with indians

5.Comanche war: comanche indians fighting settlers

Important places

Mount Vernon-Washington's home

Washington D.C-Nations capital

Yorktown-influential battle of revolution

Gettysburg-Largest battle of civil war

Shiloh-DEadliest battle of civil war

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